woensdag 25 februari 2015

Little progress


Yes, there is little progress. 
It is not that I feel a big difference in my body, but some of my movements at the physiotherapist go better.
Walking and standing for a few minutes is still hard to do.
My right arm often hurts when I do too much, so this writing is done with my left hand.
My neck and shoulders are also 'not very moveable', so they get a treatment too. Crack!
I still take those heavy painkillers.
But I am pleased with the progress.

It feels that a big part of my body is 'letting me down' right now.
STOP it says.
Stop and listen, and do what I direct you.
For me that is not an easy thing to do.
But if I want to get better I need to listen.
So I try to be a 'listener'.

The last week that I worked I took the bicycle to get to the railwaystation.
Cycling -strangly enough- didn't cause pain.
But the walk from the bicycle parking to the railwaystation caused a lot of pain.
And as said before: walking is a big problem at the moment.

My physiotherapist gave me the advice to cycle.
Good for my body and mind, and cheaper than taking a taxi.
Amsterdam is packed with bicycles, and till now there wasn't a reason to buy one.
Either we walk or take the cable car or metro if we need to go somewhere.

Yesterday I bought a second-hand bicycle.
With gear and a sturdy extra big lock (much needed here!)
A golden 'Gazelle'.
I parked it in front of our house.
The first thing I did this morning was to see if it was still there.
That it wasn't stolen.
And it was there 'glittering' in the sun.

Today I took the bike to go to the chemist to get my pills.
It is not far from where I live right now.
I really enjoyed it.
Fresh air.

Little steps forward it is.
But no matter how little: forward it is!

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  1. Kleine stapjes, maar gelukkig vooruit! Fijn dat fietsen wel gaat. Zo kom je toch 'onder' de mensen en blijf je niet achter de geraniums zitten. Positief!