dinsdag 15 juli 2014

Day 6. An empty house.

One has to do some shopping every now and than.
By car we went to the little village "Le Bugue".
Shopping done.
A little walk.

A three storey house.

An open door.
Demolished windows.
We had to go in.

Memories of a life lived.
A little curtain was still hanging.

French wallpaper with "petit fleurs".


A book was left.

Someone must have slept on this pink bed.

Who would have lived here I wondered.
Why leave?

An elderly couple?
An old lady?
A widower?

An empty house.
Partly demolished.
Always a little sad.

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  1. Speattle (ravelry)22 juli 2014 om 04:05

    That bed is gorgeous! I want it, ☺