zondag 13 juli 2014

Day 3. Traveling and Arriving.


A day full of driving.
Going down south in France.
Coffee on a terrace in a little village.
More driving.
Talking about our lives.
Differences and simmilarties.
Enjoying the changes in the landscape.
Being aware of the important aspects of life and of our relationship.
How my life has changed over the last months.

How love is healing my soul.
My new lover, man and husband Jos.
I can't imagine anymore that he wouldn't be in my life.
It feels so natural to be with him.
As we have known eachother for so long.

The loss of Bram still hurts and feels painfull at some moments.
But I cherish the beautiful moments we had together.
He will always be there.

How good it is to go on holiday in another country.
Making new memories with a new lover.

Fields full of Sunflowers.

We have arrived round 19.30 hrs.
A beautiful house in the country with a swimmingpool.
After greating with Thea.
A great swim together.
Great views from the terrace.
Lovely evening together.
Cheese and wine.

I feel good and blessed.

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