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Day 18. Garlands on a Festival

We read about the "Festival des Epouvantails" in the little village Meyrals.
It is the festival of the scarecrows. 
Next to this there are theatre perfomances, a choir was singing medieval music in the little church. There are stalls with local produce.

After doing some shopping at the lovely market in St-Cyprien we headed off.

We had to park the car in a field.
Immediately my eyes spotted garlands.
Garlands. I am keen on them.
Ever since I was a little boy I loved making them. And recently I have discoverd that I still do.

One of my first memories which turns up in my head was when I was a 4 years old boy.
My grandfather -who was a very strict man- was having his birthday in a few days. Me and some nephews had this plan to decorate the room with home-made garlands. The simple one's: a strip of paper sticked together with glue in to a circle and so on.
But, because he was so strict, none of us dared to ask.
I was the youngest, and perhaps he would say yes if I would ask.
Going down to ask I still can feel the nerves.
My grandfather picked me up, put me on his knee.
Than I asked -ofcourse very kindly- if we could make them.
There wasn't an immediatley yes, but after a minute or, so he told me that we could do it.
He put me down and up I went with the good news.
There is a printed paper from that garland which is still in my head.
Purple violets in a kind a golden frames with little golden dots around it on very thin white paper. Probably it was used as wrapping paper.
We made long garlands and after putting it up it looked so festive.

A few years ago I made garlands again for the 70th Birthday from dear friend Janneke.
I did cut hundreds of little flags in various fabrics.  Put the lines up in the garden and with little pegs I put them on the line. The look was great and everyone loved them.


A few years ago I read in Selvedge (my favourite textile magazine) about "The Fabulous Garlands of Sophie Cuvelier"
Circles of hand painted paper on white thread lines.
I admire her work.
Very inspirational.
I did try to buy them when I was in Paris for Jos his Birthday, but I couldn't find them.
There was nothing I could do then make them myself. Sorry Sophie.
At the famous papershop "Vlieger" in Amsterdam I found hand made paper from Nepal.
I cut out circles and sewed them together with white thread.
The result was great and he loved them. One line is still hanging in front of the mirror.

At Meyrals there were garlands hanging from the top of the church down.
Flowers in bright colors.
I almost couldn't stop taking pictures of it.

A garland always makes me smile.
It moves in the wind.
Very festive and joyful.
Perhaps it brings out the little boy inside of me who loved making them.

But up now to the exhibiton of scarecrows.
There were a lot in a great variety of materials.
Traditional ones made with straw.
Other one's were examples of recycling.
Made by children and grown ups.
All of them had the energy and fun inside them when they were made.

Here is a selection of them.

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