vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Day 15. Garden visit

Another visit to a garden.
Together with "Les Amis", we went to: Les Jardins du Manoir d'Eyrignac.
Also known as: Le plus beau Jardin du Périgord.
(Yes, my French gets better by the day)

A beautiful drive with great views and curvy roads through a "hilly" and often "rocky" landscape.
Typical for the Dordogne.
And it was warm and full of sunshine.

The garden is a typical, classic French garden. 

Entering it you see immediately beautiful topiary in strong lines and shapes.

Attention for detail.

We walked around.
The "Manoir".

Horizontal and Vertical.

The little chapel with very interesting stained glass windows.

A cottage garden" in full bloom.

Balls and Cone shapes.

A wild flower meadow.

The garden is ofcourse beautiful and well maintained, but not as artistic as the garden from Marqueyssac we did visit last week.
But maybe it is better to not compare them. 
They both have their own identy.

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