woensdag 23 juli 2014

Day 13. Le Cirque

I have never been to a circus.
Did see it -ofcourse- on the television with Christmas.
But a few days ago we saw a sign that the "Circus was in town".
Cirque Katia Ullman.
Jos, who is a great Circus admirer, said that we had to go there.
And ofcourse I said yes to this idea.

So last night we went to St-Cyprien.
One hour too early we arrived.
A circus tent in red, white and blue and with stars ofcourse.

Red Vans around it
Plenty of time to take pictures and to talk to the "Father" of the family.

A family where all of them had a role and had to work in the circus.
He talked:
About freedom.
That they had a free spirit.
And that the audience was locked in the world without their freedom.
About his daughter who made him proud when she was doing her acrobatic act.
That this was his life and passion and that they were part of a long history.

It was about:
Very moving and touching.

So we took lots of pictures when there wasn't any audience.

I loved the atmosphere.
Romantic, when you look at it as an outsider, but also hard, tough and lot's of work.
About putting up the tent every 2 days and taking it down and driving to another village.
All attributes were visible, and one could see that they were used many times and could use some upgrading. The freshness of the paint was gone. And aslo dresses needed some mending. 
But that, in a way was also the charme of it.

Ofcourse there are things I didn't like as a monkey on a chain.
But in a way, I like to look at those things as tradition, and try to look at it without prejudice.
The animals looked well and healthy.
A beautiful black horse, a little brown pony, white doves, a goat, dogs, red cats and 
ofcourse one monkey.
And at the performances some of them didn't do the tricks they had to do which was kind of funny too.

About 21.15 hrs, the music started and the ringmaster and his wife opened the performance.
The tent was half full and there were lot's of little children with their parents or grandparents.
The magic would begin.
The black horse and pony act, done by the mother of the family.

An act wit a fakir (about 17 years old) who showed the famous "knife-act" with his sister from about 9.
The flying acts in the air done by his older sister.

One clown (the father ofcourse) and a laundry machine act in which Jos was involved.

A tombola in which everyone won a price.
Or better could choose what they wanted. 
I wanted a mermin, and now we have two.

Cats walking over a long rail.
Dogs sliding off a slide.

The sun went down and darkness came.
Perfect time for the fire eater, and a diabolo which was on fire and was thrown high upon the air.

I was touched.
Hooked immediately.
Moved in a way.
Shouted "Bravo" and "Encore".
And we had a very special evening together.
A great memory.

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