maandag 21 juli 2014

Day 11. Going to the market

Sunday means market in St-Cyprien.
A little drive to get there.
The plan was to buy artichokes.
The reason? 
Friends would arrive in the afternoon, and what better than eating artichokes for dinner.

On the market.
No artichokes.
But: flowers.

And the "textile man" from yesterdays market.



But we didn't buy any of those things.
Instead of that: Jos bought two striped sweaters.
We had a coffee on a terrace looking at all visitors.
And we went to the SuperMarche to buy those artichokes.
Expecting it would be open on Sunday.

Arriving in Le Bugue.
No cars at the parkingplace in front of the Supermarket.
Closed from 11.45 hrs.
Luckily a little shop was open so we could buy fruit.
And we had other vegetables at home

I took a shot from a strange window display.

Friends arrived in the afternoon.
They will stay a few days.

We had a lovely evening.
Dinner outside.
Lots to talk about.
Soup, roasted vegetables and a fruit salat with ice cream as dessert.

I am writing this blogpost while it is raining.
Since I am here I feel carefree.
Every now and than I realise how hard my life has been over the last years.
How much energy it took.
No worries now.
Love around me.
So enjoying it.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Leven als een god in Frankrijk Jan, lekker.

  2. La douce France... wat verzacht het veel.