zaterdag 26 april 2014

Rembrandt now

With my 3th year fashion students I have done a "collar-project". Based on collars traditional worn by the Dutch in the 17th Century.
To get inspiration and starting points we went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to see paintings from that time. The famous painter Rembrandt Harmenz. van Rijn is the so named painter of light. In all his paintings it is about shadows and lightning.
Because our department also contains photography, we decided to do this project together.

First they had to make collars from paper. Pleating, folding etc. Paper is the perfect material to get volume.
After that is was time to work with other fabrics. 
Next to the collar they also had to make garments to be worn with the collar, or find another way to get the atmosphere right.
The whole project was about creativity, and it was a joy to see them at work.

A few weeks ago it was time for the photoshoot.
Roza Aziz, a 2nd year student from the Photography department really enjoyed it. For lightning we used simple flashlights.
The results are stunning.
It is as Rembrandt is back.
He probably would have loved to do this.

So just enjoy while watching the whole serie.

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