maandag 9 september 2013

Another First Time....Rijksmuseum..

Last week I decided that I wanted to go to Amsterdam for the day on Saturday. Almost a year ago I was there for the last time. It was about time to go I felt.
During my life with Bram, we often went there. He has lived there many years and knew the city very well. 
Thanks to him I also know it well.

We just loved to got there. 
When he was in good health, we used to go there at least once a Month. Saturdays filled with visits to a Museum, Art Galleries, Shopping, a nice lunch and coffee or tea at our favorite spots. Or waking up on Sunday-morning and deciding to go, because a day in Deventer would be boring,and there was a good exhibition to go in the Modern Art Museum. So a good reason to go, and off we went.
I was just thinking that my knowledge of Art and my interest in it,has started in Amsterdam. In a way I am grown up in the World of Art there. 
Don't know where it came from, because I am totally not brought up with Art. Guess a little fire had been inside my mind....somewhere hidden. 
Bram had a clear eye for Art. Not strange, because he had done Art-school , and was trained as an Interior architect. Together we got sharp eyes, and often clear visions on it. I miss his eyes now, but in a way his eyes are in my eyes too.

But anyway..
Back to Amsterdam for the first time. A bit nervous, but I told myself that I could always take the train back at any time.
On my list:

  1. A visit to the Newly Renovated Rijksmuseum.
  2. Tea and cake at Pompadour.
  3. Openings of 2 exhibitions in 2 Galleries:Photograpy at Huis Marseille . Maurice Scheltens is a former student of mine..long ago, and is now succesfully working under the name: Scheltens & Abbenes  (I didn't meet up unfortunately) and an exhibition at the Wetering Gallerie by Hinke Schreuders, which work I admire.
  4. A walk among the canals...perhaps some shopping...
The Rijksmuseum.

No need to say more than: Amazing, Overwhelming and Breathtakingly Beautiful.
You enter a big and light Atrium.
On the left the Entrance. 

On the right the Restaurant and Shop.

When entering the magic starts....with the building itself..all painted and all restaured as it had been when the building was finished in 1885. Just Magical...and how beautiful it would be to use this as inspiration for a Dress collection..or some Men's shirts..

Thdere are ofcourse the Big paintings as: De Nachtwacht by Rembrandt. 
I was happy to meet up again with this painting by Frans Hals.
When looking at it ,you almost can feel the love and fun between Isaac Abrahamsz Massa (1586 -1643) and his wife Beatrix van der Laen (1592- 1639).

Of-course emotions came up while walking through the museum. 
Some tears, when thinking how he would have loved this. 
And how sad it is, that he wasn't able to go there together with me.
And how sad for me it is, that I had to do this alone.
And how I miss him especially at those moments.
Guess this is it about mourning. Unexpected it can arrive...but it also leaves, and I was able to enjoy the more than 3 hours I stayed.

Too much to show...but...
Just some more images from things I love...

"Winterscene" by Hendrick Avercamp..
So much to see...Rich and Poor are all enjoying the winter.

Woolen knitted caps worn by Dutch Whalers from the 17th Century..
which you could wear today.

Beautiful Doll's houses..

You can even see a tiny spinningwheel..(my eye fell on it since I do spinn)

And more spinning and even a Niddy-Noddy on this painting.
(Yes..Real Spinner here suddenly)

Wonder what kind of spindle that is..Anyone??

And inbetween it was time for coffee..with Apple pie -or Appeltaart as we call it- from Holtkamp . Very famous, very good and tasty!

Furniture in the restaurant is by Gerrit Rietveld.
Such good choice I think..

(I have a few old ones at home. I even sit on one while writing this post).

I could fill easily 20 Blogposts with pictures..because there is so much to see.
Perhaps a few more..
From topic..


Jewelery...had to think of the work from Mister Finch..

But better go there yourself...
Or you can join me if I return..

When I left the building, cyclist where biking under the building. 
Glad that stayed after many discussions about closing the road..

More about my visit to Amsterdam in my next post...
Too late now to write more, because my alarm-clock goes at 5.45 hrs..

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  1. I think she's holding the bobbin from the wheel, not a spindle. The part on the right could be where the drivebelt/string goes, the point being an axle.
    But just guesstimating from the looks of it.

  2. I have the same picture Jan!
    I think it's her bobbin in her left hand she is winding off on a "knittynoddy"

  3. What kind of camera do you use? Photography is beautiful.