zaterdag 20 juli 2013

16 weeks have passed...

What to write on my blog I ever ask myself...
Will I ever write as I did before about my life?
16 weeks ago there was the funeral. It will always be a sad and beautiful memory.
To share this with my chosen family was very special to me...

Many things have happened over the last months since Bram passed away, but I couldn't see a reason to write about them. 
Neither was it an option for me to write about my sadness, mourning and grieve.
Yes, I do miss him...I miss him every doubt about that...
It would be strange not to feel this after more than 30 years with this beautiful and special man..
He turns up everyday in my mind..

Mourning is a strange and unknown part of my life..
One moment you feel good...than...a noise..a smell..a look...tears and more tears. can hit me any moment..

No need to give me advice...I have got to know myself quite well over the last years. I know what to do when I feel lost and sad..because:

Friendship is the most important thing in my life..surrounded by loving and caring friends who give me support by letting me talk over and over...

My readers are my friends too..and I have loved so much your beautiful comments after the post that Bram had passed away..thank you so much for that.

I am on holiday now...
After 2 weeks staying in Scotland with dear friends Birgitta and Joyce and John I stayed 5 days with Jon and Roy in London.
At the moment I stay with Penny on Guernsey. 
It goes well sofar...thanks to those caring, loving and supporting friends.... 
Every now and than a bump on the road..but the next moment I feel fine..
I even got a suntan..and Penny tells me I look great!
I know Bram wanted me to go away this summer...we talked about it before he left..

Next week I go home...

Today I found this mug in a shop in St. Peter Port..
Design is by one of my favourite illustrators Rob Ryan.
Had to buy it, because it is about me and Bram..

Catch up soon.
Love you All.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful! Wishing you many more wonderful adventures filled with Love and Laughter!

  2. Wat fijn om dit te lezen... je leert mij ook over verlies verwerken. Dank je wel. Mooi die mok, toeval bestaat niet, maar ik heb er gisteren mee in mijn handen gestaan.

  3. Grieving is such hard work. Thank goodness for friends to help.

  4. Beautiful, and appropriate, words. Take care of yourself xxx

  5. Vooral genieten en blijven voelen, dat geldt álles.