woensdag 6 februari 2013

Exiting Moments..

No, I can't say my life is dull...
Ups and downs as I wrote on Monday..

When I came home on Monday I was totally out of balance, so I decided to stay one day at home to get better. I hardly do this, because I know work is good for me at the moment. But it all had became too much..and tension was rising.
I know from experience that if I stay calm that day, my balance comes back..and it did..

3 Extiting moments over the last days...

1) "STEEK" My Sweater to make a Cardi out of it...

I did follow exactly the manual from the Craftsy class "TopDown Icelandic sweater by Ragga which I follow at the moment..
A soak and block first.
After it got dry  I had to take the next step.

Crochet into the stitch next to the purl stitch..
All the way up..

And down the other side...

A neat crochet line appeared..
Than came the exiting part...
Turn the sweater inside out... and cut into the middle of the than appearing knit stitch right in the middle...

It wasn't that scary to do.."breathing in and out" worked very well..

But I must admit.. there was a little voice somewhere in my head..which told me:

It will fall apart..
Stitches will run..
Sorry for all the hard work...
Ha, Ha..disaster will occur...

But...Nothing happenedd at all..
I kept focussed...


And Magic Happened..

The Sweater became a Cardi..

All I need to do now is knit a buttonband on both sides.
Thinking of ordering those buttons for a Real Icelandic feel..

2) Next step on my Bracelet..

After last week's first step with my bracelet, and doing it step by step in a calm way.

The bracelet was first bend and shaped in a round shape with overlapping sides..to get tension when putting it on..

It will be closed with a little sapphire and a kind of buttonhole..

After that it was "FIRE ON" and solder the piece together...
This had to be done to hammer it afterwards into an oval shape...

I always get a bit tense and exited..
The heat... 
The fire...
Will it meld?
And Yes..
I must admit..a wooden handle from the tweezers got fire... 
but Jeannette told me that the course is "All Inclusive"...Lucky Me..
But it worked out fine..

I could now shape it with the oval tribulet.

A Perfect Oval Shape Bracelet.

Than the Heat was On again.. to melt away the little pieces of silver, so the bracelet would be open again..
With the Help of fellow student Nico it worked out fine..and I placed the result just for a minute into the window.
I like the sturdiness of it..

And No..it won't be finished for Valentine's Day...

Next week..the next steps..

3) The Killing III

I borrowed the DVD from neighbours who are on holiday..
Did start last Saturday and finished last Night..Pure addiction..
No More Sarah Lund ever after serie III..but..all I can say.. it was..
And Exiting..
And I am nog going to write anything about it..


All I can do Now.... is knit that Iconic Sweater...
Might go for it...
So I will never forget You...

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  1. Thank you for NOT spoiling it with the Killing III. I haven't seen ANY of it. I tried to record it from the BBC but missed the first and second episode. Of no use anymore. I'll have to wait till it's on in NL.

    The bracelet looks amazing. What a labour of love. Brilliant. Will it be engraved too?

    The sweater made you sweat! I totally understand. But remember; the wool works WITH you.

    Pretty exciting and pretty results!