woensdag 30 januari 2013

The Place, The Space..

Last Sunday I did visit the exhibition in the building where I used to have the studio together with Evelien.
Only that day you could see the exhibition: The Place, The Space by curator Ronald de Ceuster.
The exhibition can be seen as an Ode to the building.

There has been a previous weekend where you could see the exhibition, but at that time it was too emotional for me to go there.

So I went, and it was beautiful to see what artists who didn't had a studio in the building did with all the rooms...

In our studio Artist Ienke Kastelein placed her work named: La Piéce

When I entered our former studio there was this music playing..

2 chairs where standing in the middle of the room..

It was as we just had left the room, and leave those chairs behind..
The right one for me and the left one for Evelien..

At the other end of room where also 2 chairs wating..

In the cupboard was a blanket..

And a Book...Species of spaces

She made this work without knowing that the studio had belonged to an Artist Couple..
Kind of Magical I think...
And it was in a strange way very moving for me to be back in our former studio and to see this work..

Nex to this was more great Art work..as..

Left Space by Ria Wesseling

Spied Place by Ria Wesseling

Spiegeling by BiOp

Spatial Interpretation of Librum #3 & # 7 by Mark Kramer

The other Room by Hans van Lunteren

Eadweard's Windows by Loes ten Anscher

For me one of the Higlights...
Bleached Light by André Pielage
As mentioned in a speech by Mieke Konijn, Director of Kunstenlab... 
Art leaves last the Property.......

Next to all the art, it was nice to meet up with a lot of people I know after living in Deventer for 30 years.

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