zondag 27 januari 2013


Just a little post this week about:

I did finish off my Cabled cowl..

And it is a JOY to wear..esspecially last week, when it was really cold in the morning going to work..
75% Soft Merino and 20% Silk and a 5% little Sparkle..Twinke DK

Next to that I did finish one of my most beautiful Items I did knit this season..

My Dots and Stripes Scarve in the most softest yarn I ever knitted with sofar..
Difficult to take a good picture of the colour..

Shilasdair yarn containing...
Cashmere, Baby Camel, Merino and Angora....
and a matching Silk yarn...all dyed with Natural Dyes...

And to make it even more luxury I added a lining from Liberty fabric to it..
I so love the range from Liberty fabrics.. Bram has some tie's I bought for him at the shop In London some years ago..

The pattern is the "Peacock Feathers" by William Morris..designed in 1880 and still a Stunning Beauty..

Handstitched it to the back..
And now the plan is to make some more scarves..

In 2 weeks time I am going to buy some more Shilasdair yarn at Colorways at the HandwerkBeurs in Zwolle..Hope to knit some more scarves...other Dots, Squares...who knows..Perhaps those colours..

Still on the needles..and will be finished hopefully this week..
My Odinn..
1 sleeve done...
Half a sleeve to go..

before making it into a Cardigan..
A soak and blocking first..
and than...
my first time Steek!!

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