donderdag 29 november 2012

SCULPT.... Part 1.

Today was an amazing day with my 2nd year students.. 
There was a flow in the classroom and they all worked very hard...
At those days I LOVE my job...

After the paper dresses that had to make a few weeks ago, they had to make a copy from a vase in fabric...
Making a pattern was the big task..
Wrapping pattern paper round the vase..
Making darts to get the shape right..
Out came those..

There were many more..
But one was particulary good..
This one...Made by Mandy..

First made in paper...

And after that in Fabric..
The inside looked even more Amazing..and all handstitched!!

Next step was to have a close look at the Theme: "Sculpt", which comes out of the magazine View.

"Big shapes" is the starting point for my students to make a shirt or coat in imitation leather in bright colours.

Step 1.
Make an Inspiration collage..or Mood you can start developing your garment.
And they all searched for shapes on the computer...

Prints were made...

Scissors were taken...

Try outs were made....and discussed...

BTW.. the woman on the left is my fabulous Trainee Esther.. She is GREAT, witty, funny, and is doing so well at my lessons..
Never had a better trainee than she is...
She will teach the coming weeks, and I am sure she will do it very well!!

And out came great collages..

New shapes..made out of shapes placed together..

Architectural shapes..

One student even started with her first Design...

Many More will come the coming weeks...

The best thing is that Esther and myself are having the feeling that they all are getting to understand the meaning of Shape..and why that is important when you want to design a garment..

YES.. at those Days I Really, REALLY LOVE my Job..

zondag 25 november 2012

Stormy Weather...

Stormy weather today...
I made a little walk this morning..
Crossed the river with the little ferry...

There is a lovely park opposite the city..
Leaves are falling...

A few are left...but they will fly away the coming days..

Till only the branches are visible...and they remind me of the paintings from David Hockney I did see last February in London.. Hockney Trees I call them since than.

Totally unexpected I was also more or less hit by an Emotional Storm myself last Wednesday.
I woke up, didn't feel well..perhaps the flu was my first thought..went back to bed and after waking up a few hours later I found myself in tears, and couldn't stop crying for the rest of the afternoon.
Suddenly it became too much for me. The pain, sadness..all emotions mingled together and I couldn't stop it. 
There were just tears and more tears and I cried about all things which happened to us over the last years.
And I am tired...really tired..
Which is visible I noticed from friends telling me that I look so tired..

We were taken care by neighbours and friends.
Meals were brought..
Emotions were shared..
Endless talks about how to deal with it...

I phoned my head of tell him that I would stay at home on Thursday and Friday, and that I would go to my Doctor..and that I would like to have a talk with our School Doctor.
All very supportive...

My Doctor suggested me to work a little less hours, to have some space for myself to recover.
A little walk alone every day  might help the coming weeks... 
I think this might be a good idea , because the idea of not working doens't feel right at the moment. Work is good for me I know from experience.
I am going to talk about this tomorrow with our School Doctor..

It is just a hard time, and even writing this brings me in tears.
So sad for the both of us..
It is all about saying goodbye...

On Wednesday I felt totally lost within myself..
Glad my body always reacts, and from experience in the past I know I have to listen to it..
Guess those things are sometimes necessary, so you can take another step in the right direction..

And on top of that...Bram got a new medicine which he took on Thursday evening..
On Friday morning he was totally out...out of balance, could hardly walk anymore..and was very dizzy..
I phoned the Hospital and we decided to stop immediately with this medicine which supposed to calm him down a little....
He is still not as he was before taking this pill...but it is better than he was on Friday..

So tomorrow morning I will work for 3 hours...
Do some work...
Perhaps go to Ikea for coffee and cake... and than off to the School Doctor at 15.30 hrs..

What else??

Last Friday, a week ago I visited a beautiful exhibition on Fifties Fashion in the Museum in The Hague...

The Years of Elegance...


Bathing Beauties...

Real Glamour.....

Rock and Roll....

Nylon Dresses and Tupperware Parties...

A lovely exhibition worth seeing..
Info: HERE

As for Knitting...
Odinn is in Progress...working on the body...
X-mas gifts are on...and off the needles..

woensdag 14 november 2012

Odinn, My Lovely..

Last Night I did finish the yoke of my Odinn cardigan.

I really like the colour combination. Kind of old fashioned looking perhaps, but with a brigh shirt under it -red or purple maybe - it will look modern.

The rest of the cardigan will be blue, exept for the borders. They will be in a pattern too.
It is my first time that I am knitting top-down, but with the on- ine help from Lopapeysa Queen Ragga it will turn out fine.
I am really looking ofrward to Steek. Looks scary to cut into a fabric, but the instruction video in the course will make it easy. 
After steeking I wil add a green buttonband to it.
Odinn... You will keep me warm the coming winter.

Icelandic yarn can look and feel very rough, but after a soak it feels much more softer. 
For me Icelandic and Shetland yarns are the most authentic yarns.

Last week -while visiting my LYS - I got another Icelandic treath.
A wheel of Plötulopi  by Istex to try out.

This yarn is not spun.

You might expect that it breaks easily, but strangely enough it doesn't. And if so, you can cling it together with a littel spitt. I made a little swatch using 2 strands. 1 taken out of the middle and one from the end. It knits up easy and fast and gives a soft but strong fabric. Might try a pair of mittens for a Christmas gift as those ones, combined with some Lettlopi I have in my stash...

I remember my Mum making me a slipover out of it, when I was a kid. She did buy the yarn in Danmark where we did spend a summerholiday. Knitted in 2 colours -dark and natural- and with a pattern on the front. I really loved to wear it. Unfortunately I have no picture me wearing it..

And for the rest....

I am working on a secret project at my GoldsmithCourse... so no pictures.
We got a 2nd stair-elevator to get Bram to the topfloor where we sleep and the bathroom is.

His health is going down, but we make the most out of it. 
So, whenever the weather is good, I take him in town with the wheelchair.
I manage well sofar, thanks to the care-takers, neighbours and friends.
But it is hard to see this proces of a man going down, and I really have to keep strong for him. 
I promised it when we got married...In good and in bad times..for better for worse..and so I do. 

People often ask me: can you handle it?
What would happen if I couldn't? 
We both would go down, which is not a good idea.
I have to do this, no matter if I can or can't.

From experiences in the past I know that in difficult situations people can let you down easily.
As my family is doing. 
Painfull in a way...
I have decided to stop expecting anything anymore. 
I don't have the energy for that.
Very sad for Bram, but that is the way it is.

Perhaps they never came any further that tolerance instead of acceptance...
Or, that they don't want to have a sight on someone who is having serious health issues.
Fear can be a reason...
But I came to the conclusion that friends are a choosen family on which I can rely.
I am gratefull for that..very gratefull..

The sun is shining..
Time to get out..

woensdag 7 november 2012

A Ring, A Ring....My Kingdom for a Ring..and Knitting ofcourse..

This morning I did finish my 2nd ring at the Goldsmithcourse I am currently taking...
So after pointing out the text with a permanent marker...

No rush needed..
Take your time...
I punched little pockmarks on it, so drilling would be easier...2 little mistakes...but no problem to me...
The moment was there to drill little holes..which went perfect...
Time to sand down to get it smooth and than polishing could start with the polishmachine... (that silver gets so hot!!)
A bright and shiny ring appeared..

I took my beautiful red Habu yarn, a needle.. and embroidering was the next step...
On one side:

And on the other side:

And inbetween an X in Blue yarn...
So it is YOU X ME X and so on
I have to say that I love this design...and the ring fits perfect.

One day it might be "YOU"-day...

And the next day it could be "ME"-day..

I simply love the Course.
Jeannette is a great  and helpfull teacher and it is a joy to be in het studio/shop.
My creativity is stil there and for me it is exiting to try out new things.
Next week I hope to finish a ring and perhaps start another one for me.. a bit smaller, with a fun element on it..
In the next 10 weeks of the course I will start my bracelet...

What else?
Knitting ofcourse...
I did finish my sweater with the perfect cowl..

But I have to wait for a friend to pass by, so he or she can make a picture when I am wearing it...
I finished off my pair of mittens and really like them..

With the leftovers I did cast on another pair of fingerless mitts in a zig-zag pattern..
Not sure if I have yarn enough, but..I am not afraid for a bit of improvising..

But there is more...
Last week I bought the Top-Down Icelandic Sweater course from Craftsy, presented by the famous Lopapeysa Queen Ragga.
Ofcourse I know how to knit, and ofcourse I could have figured out how to knit Top-Down.
But I was curious about this kind of course..
I can tell you:
Despite that the cardi is very feminine..
That I won't knit that one for myself..but maybe with some changes I might..
It is fun to watch Ragga telling stories in an enthusiastic way.
She shares great tips and tricks with her students.
You can ask online any question on the lessons..and get quick an answer...

Icelandic yarn is easy available here in the Netherlands..
But shadecards are not..
I have tried everything, but always the answer was: NO.
So I mailedo Istex with that question, and they kindly offered me to send all shadecards...
When I came home after the course, there was post from Iceland..

And in the envelop I found all shadecards from the one's I asked for..

I really like the yarns from Istex. The colours are wonderfull and there is a great variety in it. It is not a soft yarn, but after knitting and a soak it becomes really soft and it is a joy to wear.

Because I am not knitting the cardi from the course, I decided to knit another pattern from Ragga...The Odinn.. a free pattern on her website Knitting Iceland.
Because I want to learn how to Steek (I am not scary at all, because Ragga shows it in her course in an easy way), I am making a cardigan out of it, with a buttonband added.
At my LYS DOL-OP=WOL I bought Álafosslopi in 3 colours from which blue will be the mainpart and the green will be for the borders and the buttonband..
It looks a little old-fashioned togehter, but i really like this combo.

I think it will go quick , because it is knitted on needle 6...and I go for size M..