vrijdag 29 juni 2012

Ireland in a Box..

Last week the postman delivered -unexpected- a Big Box. Stamps were from Ireland and I immediately recognized the writing. 
It was from Anne who -for many years- did rent out to the little cottage by the sea in Connemara. The place we love so much, and the place we can't visit anymore together because of Bram's illness. 
The chats with Pat and Tony outside, and the talks Anne and I had about all kind of subjects of life while sitting at the table and drinking tea together. Little gossip ofcourse and who is who...and how was it to grow up in this place at the edge of Europe...
Feeling at home there. Nowhere else, and never I had that feeling of coming home. 

Driving up the hill to Cleggan and the vieuw from there..the little pier, the ferry waiting for a crossing, Inishbofin...This always has been an emotional moment for me. Even while writing this, tears are running.

The box was filled with memories. Chocolat, salmon, pictures, a beautiful Irish linen Tea towel, a package to bake scones (but I guess they never can compare to the ones Anne bakes)...

And than there was the little box filled with shells from the bay I used to swim. 
The shells I always took home with me. All kind of colours. 
Suddenly, all those memories turned up in a flash..... 
I was touched right into my heart. Tears of course but also gratefulness for the thoughtfulness of Anne. She knows that this place means a lot to the both of us. 
Little things in life are always the most touching. 

donderdag 28 juni 2012

Hankies on a Birthdayparty.....

Last Saturday our Dear Friend Janneke did celebrate her 70's Birthday. She lives opposite of our house and I offered her to help her little with the party. A little vintage...done with things I and she had...and the celebration took place in a beautiful secluded garden behind her  appartment.

So I did cut out loads of triangles from leftover fabrics to make a lot of bunting which I did hang on on rope using very tiny pegs. 
I even made some special ones for her...

I had to do this on Friday because it took a lot of time...and a lot of pegs too... 
The weather was not good that day but everything survived the wind a rain..
Saturday became a glorious and sunny day..A day to remember with joy..
There were very tasty Cakes...

Bowls of freshly picked Cherries...

Little sandwiches...or Tramezzini..

The BirthdayGirl ofcourse...looking GREAT..

Lots of Friends....

A little Photographer...her grandson Gijs....

And all Guests got a special hankerchief made by me when they came through the entrance..

And Janneke got a special one, printed on a vintage piece...

Hankerchiefs....I have a soft spot for hankerchiefs...

woensdag 20 juni 2012

Behind the Scenes...and On Stage...

It is the day after the show and it was Fun as always.
This morning I discovered that not much of the pictures I took are useable. 
Guess I might have to save money for a better camera. Hopefully I can hold my hands on some better pictures.
But anyway.. I always love to take picture from the whole ceremony. The begining with all students instructed till still life's behind the scene.
So ..loads of pictures and not much text...

A Show is about...


Light and Music by Students...

and a Decor from paper made by 1th year Students Sign....And..

It is all about Shoes.....

And all about Make-Up.....

And all about Preparation.....

And all about...Walking and Waiting....

And about FUN....


dinsdag 19 juni 2012

The Search Continues...Afghanistan..Another World..

As mentioned in my blogpost about the strange textilefind in the lining of the Pakol I did send a mail to the hospital in Vejle and I got this answer:

Dear Jan ter Heide

Yes, that is a funny story.

The reason that the textile ended up in Afganistan must be, that we from time to time give away our worn out textile to care organisations(Humanitærforeningen, BrædstrupDenmark).
But we didn´t know that the textile went as long as Afganistan.

But we are very glad to see that the fabric is getting used and not just burned or put a side as garbage.

Venlig hilsen

Per Jul Jensen 
Sundhedsområdet, Syddanske Vaskerier
One answer sofar...but thinking more about it, I got the idea that I would like to know more from about the hatmaker in Kabul. How did he get the fabric? Did he buy it on a market, or dit he get it, or found it? Does he only make hats or also garments? Is it a familybusiness and how long is it exisiting sofar?
I am fascinated by the fact that textiles travel all over the world and that they sometimes pop-up in unexpected places.
So, I asked my former student Nahad if her family in Kabul can ask the man who makes those hats all my questions? Perhaps it would be possible to have a photo from the workshop and a photo from the maker and maybe answers.. 
More might come up in the future..
Afghanistan...don't know much about it. It must be hot. At some places still very dangeous. 
A poor country. Cities are demolished, but mankind kan survive there. 
Children are born and elderly pass away, as everywhere in the world. 
I can understand people who leave - or must leave- the country, but it must be heartbreaking also to leave your family and friends behind and perhaps never see them again.

I always think that the place you are born determines for a big part how your life will end up.
What chances do you have? 
What kind of possibilities? 
Or is it set in stone from the beginning?

My former student Nahad has left the country when she was young and came to study 
fashiondesign in the school where I work.
Fashion is her passion and she contacted our school with a question if students could make 
a collection designed by her. All in Burqa fabric imported from Afghanistan.
Her website (www.nahad.nlis not ready yet, but her webshop will start in september.
So our 3th year students made all of them as part of their examn.

You might think that the only color of a Burqa is Blue as you see most of the times, but they are 
also made in vibrant colors.
Years ago I did see the film Kandahar and I have never forgotten the scene with all women 
wearing ochre coloured burqas in the dessert and the scene with all handicaped men. 
Tragic in all sense for both men and women.
The trailer can be seen Here

A Burqa... must be horrible if you have to wear them by law. I have tried one on and felt really isolated and sweaty. You can hardly see anything through that small piece of netting. In books I did read that the skin of women wearing them is very beautiful because of all the moisture and that there is seduction only with the eyes possible. The chance of geting skin cancer is very limited, but on the other hand they lower the Vitamin D production in the skin because they block the UV rays in sunlight necessary for this production.

I often ask myself if women wearing a Burqa are wearing them from their own choice and opinion deep inside the soul or that is it coming from outside. That they have to wear them because men say so or becasue of the social pressure within a family and friends and society. What is freedom? What is choice?
Difficult to have an opinion on it for me as a man living in the Western World. 
Nahad is having a very strong opinion about it...
No Burqa anymore Anywhere in the World. 

The fabric (100 % polyester) reminds me in a way of the collection Pleats Please by Issey Miyake.  Easy to wash and the pleats stay forever.

Different quality I know, but it is also about pleats.

Nahad's collection is about:

Freedom, visibility and identity of women.
"A New look Through Burqa"

Last week I got the chance to see some of the outfits at a fitting...
Burqa fabric combined with other fabrics... and sometimes mixed with beautiful hand embroided pieces made in Afghanistan.

With matching traditional silver jewelery - some very old- from her family I think it will be a joy to watch..

The garments look even better at photo's made during a shoot...Here are some...

All photo's shot by Michael Bulder 

This evening those garments, and more can be see at the Fashionshow from our department, and I am sure it will give lots of discussions about Freedom.

zaterdag 16 juni 2012

Dress Rehearsal...

This coming Tuesdaynight the yearly fashionshow will be held. 
Students from the 2th, 3th and 4th year will show their garments. 
Teachers come up with themes..and after that the designing will be done, patterns made and the sewing will start with -hopefully- a good result for the student.

For the 3th years it was : Rebel Yell and A Scandinavian Winter

Next to those there are much more themes and the final collections ofcourse. 
More pictures will be seen in a post I will write after the show..

Yesterday was the Dress Rehearsal and the Styling needed to be discussed..
It is always a Fun Day for me..

Here is a Sneak Preview..((Because I am just a Proud Teacher...)