zondag 16 december 2012

Jeans...A Beautiful Exhibition

Last Thursday we went with 2 classes to the -just opened- exhibition "Jeans" at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.
Jeans...my favourite pair of trousers..which I wear almost every day. I had many different one's over the years, but now my favourite ones are the basic jeans from COS..with a perfect fit and they match with everything.
The exhibition tells the story from the beginning this -all over the world worn- fabric..

You walk among all different interpretations of the Blue Jeans World..
From Workwear till Streetwear..
From Experiment till Couture....

There is a stunning old Japanese kimono at the beginning, dyed with Natural Indigo..

Leftover fragments of worn out jeans..

Funny little dolls...by Lee..

Couture Dresses.. this one is by Jan Taminiau

Jeans "sewn" together with glue..Glue Jeans..

Great Men's shoes..those ones are by Dries van Noten..

Jeans Couture by Vivienne Westwood..

Beautiful Details..

A great serie by G-Star based on the 15th Century Braguettes..called the Flywood..

All Blue!!!

Work by students from ArtSchool..

And even one outfit made by our former student Ovan Abdullah..

But than the best part had to come..
At the end of the exhbition is a studio where you can experiment with old jeans..
When I entered that room I was amazed an moved by my students..
They were all in the middle of experimenting and they just went on...and on... no task..no teachers involved..they had a blast!! And so did we teachers...

There is a big wall with piles of old jeans..(you were not allowed to take a jeans with you without doing something with it!!)

In the middle some sewingmachines...

Loads of other materials to choose...

Very, VERY INSPIRATIONAL!!! For students and for teachers...

At the end you got your item with you sealed in a plastic bag...

Ofcourse I bought the catalogue..
And a beautiful DVD on the magical world of Indigo called..
"Blue Alchemy"..
You can read everything on it and watch a trailer HERE.

My colleague Riky bought a beautiful FOX made from recycled jeans..
and she took him home in her backpack..

So.. a great exhibition really worth seeing..

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  1. Though I don't wear jeans much, my husband goes through them , and I must say, this post is giving me some great ideas. What an inspiring art show !

  2. Geweldig, Jeans is ook (bijna) mijn dagelijkse uniform.

  3. Als je geïnteresseerd bent in indigo is dit blog misschien interessant voor je: http://japanesetextileworkshops.blogspot.nl/. Ik vind het geweldig wat die man daar in Japan doet!

    Vriendelijke groet,


  4. How fantastic - thank you for sharing this with us!