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It is Time for Sweaters..Hello Martin Margiela... Hello Warriston..Hello Kaffe...

A few months ago it was a big surprise for me to read that H&M would do a collection with guest designer Martin Margiela.
I never buy anything for myself at H&M. 
Don't like the quality and the fitting is not good for me either.
I am more a COS man  (the better and bit more expensive range from H&M)

But..the collaboration between Margiela and H&M could be different I thought.
Lookbooks were placed on the Web...
And Yes... I got a good feeling..
That Coat perhaps...
That shirt..
A Sweater..

The collection was launched a few weeks ago..
While in the The Hague to see the 50's exhibition we had some spare time to go and to H&M.
First impression at the Ladies department..What a mess... but great outfits..
Male department..Hardly anything..

I tried on this coat....but could hardly get into the sleeves due to the fact that there was no lining.. Pity..because I liked the look..
Next..on the hunt for that Big Blue Sweater..
Sold Out...

But plenty in the WebShop..
I ordered size L..
It arrived...
YES...The Perfect Fit..

100% Wool.
Nice stitch pattern..
Nice white stitching..

And with an interesting label added to it..

I just like the idea of a RE-EDITION.
Why should a good design always disappear because of a fashion trend?
This design is made after a child's toy sweater and enlarged.. 

I can see the picture at the design studio..
A flea market find from a little toy sweater..
Let's enlarge everything til it fits an adult.. 
The stitchpattern became bigger..
Arms a bit too long..
GREAT in every idea..

To tell the truth..
When I first saw his garments I totally didn't understand it..
The white rooms where everything was roughly painted..

Until Bram bought me a pair of sailor trousers done by him..
Also a remake from a traditional one..

I remember the moment I tried them on.
It was the first time we were togehter in Amsterdam during the year I had to stay home because of my burn-out.
So different from a normal pantalon.
The experience of putting it on with all the buttons was kind of mindblowing. 
Never had tried on anything like this.
The flaps, the buttons..the rough fabric. 
It all came together..
And I suddenly understood Margiela.

You have to try on a Margiela to undertstand it.

A t-shirt followed some years later...

Very faded, but I still wear it every summer.
Very soft cotton and great print.
Guess I will wear it till it falls in pieces, because it always brings a smile to my face when I wear it.

You can call me a Margiela addict I guess.
Can't afford to buy it anymore, it is too expensive.
But if I would win the lottery I would dress myself up in Margiela mixed with garments from Cos..or..

But have all books and even a video at home.

A few years ago I went to see the Maison Margiela exhibition in Antwerp.
Breath taking for me..
Some shots I took than..
The Tabi shoe

The Painted colbert.

The Lining fabric outside

The atelier serie

Broken plates

The collar shapes

The Old, Worn and Torn.

I have always liked the idea that Martin Margiela has never been visible.
You can write to the "Maison" to aks him a question, but would get a reply  back starting with: We, The Maison Martin Margiela.
It seems the whole team is based on different cultures which are brought together.

The whole collection come from an artisanal idea or craft, which is one of the things I always like in designer outfits. It adds something special to a garment.

Guess that is one of the resons why I like knitting so much.
It is very artisanal too.

My Warriston sweater is finished and it it a joy to wear.
I changed the original pattern by making it more simpler and added a different cowl to it.
Last Friday I did wear it for the firs time to school and got a lot of compliments from my students. Some of them hardly believed that I did knit it myself.
I asked a student from the Photography department if she could take a picture from it.. 
And Sifra van Langen took some great shots.
Very pleased with them.

I particulary like the I-Cord Bind-Off and the green colour from the inside of the pockets .
This is also used on the inside of the cowl.
The yarn is by Jamieson & Smith and the great thing from Shetland yarn is that it gets so soft after a soak.
Guess you can call this the Perfect Winter Sweater.

Still on the needles.
My Odinn.
Almost done with the body part.
2 sleeves need to be knit and than comes the Fun part I think...Steek.

Talking More about Knitting...

When I came home last Friday I found a package send from America on the table..and the sender was my knitting friend Marjoleine. (Thanks again so much!!)
This was inside...

A lovely and very inspirtational book packed with COLOUR!!
The shoot was held in my favourite Country House in England which is Charleston in Sussex. We did visit it a few years ago..after a holiday in Ireland. 
Would love to go back to see it all again.
Gorgeous styling, gorgeous garments..very inspirational..
Kaffe did it again
And I love that Throw!!

Charleston...perhaps more about it in my next blogpost..

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