vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Reunion with a Dear Old Friend...

I am having holiday this week.
Made a list from all things I wanted to do, but..as usual..not everything was done.
I cleared out the garden on Monday afternoon, so Winter can arrive..and we had some friends over because Bram became 78 that day..
Tuesday was kind of an Off day..
On Wednesday I took the last things from the studio home...
And I had an appointment with my psychotherapist and with her I shared some emotions.

Yesterday-afternoon I took the train to Amsterdam to visit the just opened (after 10 years of closure) and renewed Stedelijk Museum.
Much is said already in the papers about the architecture..and the name for the new part is: "The BathTub"
I don't have a strong opinion yet...

But in a way I feel that the ground floor is only made fore the -way too big- museum shop and the restaurant... and the big exhibitionroom above is nice, but you don't feel that you are inside this BathTub, so this room is not special at all...
Guess..I am getting to a sort of opinion...

They have changed the entrance from this side..

to the other side...

You had to wait -not very long- to get in....

I decided to go immediately to the old building..
There was the big stairway to get to the first floor...

And  suddenly -so strange and totally unexpected- tears were running over my face and I felt overwhelmed with emotions and memories.
I really missed Bram at that moment..his eyes, his vieuws, his opinions and emotions.
The extra eyes you get when you are in a relationship.

Lidewij Edelkoort at the Zomergasten tv-program this summer, moved us by saying when you are getting a relation:
"You get a new pair of eyes. You have your own look and you get a look at which you can view the world a little differentlyYou double your life".
And I feel that she is very right by saying that..

So sad -for the both of us- that we can't go there anymore together..

This museum has been such a big part of our life.
We used to go there almost every month. 
For art and coffee...
I realized the thousands of steps I have made there over 20 years..
The feelings when looking at a breathtaking piece of art..

The amazing exhibitions we did see together.. (we are so good in doing an exhibition together).

For paintings which I love to see over and over again..

I have learned so much there...
In a way it felt that I have become the person who I am now, partly because of all the visits to the museum.
I got sharp eyes there..close looks at beautiful artwork and because of that, a vieuw on life in general. 

It has taugtht me to look... and look even more, before having an opinion. 

And I felt that I really have missed this museum over the last 10 years..
It was like a reunion with a very old and dear friend...emotional and warm..

After I had calmed down a bit..I walked through all rooms...

There is the striking wall carpet by Barbara Broekman..

The old wall painting by Karel Appel with that stained glass part in it..
This room used to be the restaurant..

The Old and the New.. and the Connection between them..

I kept taking pictures, so Bram can see this old friend on the I-pad...

And for the rest of this week..

I am almost done with my sweater... only need to finish off..

And I did cast on a pair of mittens: The Houndstooth Mitts.
Pattern can be found HERE.
I am using a smooth Purple Malabrigo Rios yarn and a springhy Greenish Shelter by Jared Flood..

Worked on a new Ring this morning...which will be finished the coming Wednesday..

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  1. Een punt van kunst is: door het te beleven, ben je in het heden. Alleen dát moment. Je neemt de tijd om het te zien, te voelen en een stukje met je mee te nemen.
    Het spijt me enorm dat Bram niet mee kon, maar zijn blik zit vast al in jouw ogen.

    Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de ring.
    Oh ja, fijn dat het toch gelukt is met de kraag van je trui!