maandag 29 oktober 2012

It is all about SHAPE..

Today work did start again after the week holiday..and it was good to be back.
Usually I love my work. Not one day is the same when you are working as a teacher.

I am now teaching Fashion Design for more than 23 years, and ever since starting, I try to make things exiting for my students...and for me also.
Fashion is always "On the Move".
For me it is important to give students insight in the development of a design.
Some basic knowledge is important..which we (me and my 2 colleagues) teach in the first 2 years.

Design is about:

To start a project for students needs a lot of thinking and input. I know that I can rely on my experience, but it is very important for me to try new things.

A class full of 2nd year Design students.. round 26..
Working on a Project with the startingpoint: SHAPE

The outcome from the first part of the task (there a 3 parts) must be a serie of white paper dresses based on constructions and shapes they did fold in previous weeks with A4 paper. Origami was one of the things they could try out..

Transforming the little folded shapes as boxes and triangles into a dress is not that simple.

A big part of the task is to experiment with different paper and different shapes..

Not an easy thing to do, but the outcome were some interesting dresses.
This is just a small selection..

The next part of the task is about how to make a pattern..and the importance of darts in garments.
To get insight in the fact that darts are making shape , the student had to take a round shaped vase with them to the lesson.
With paper they had to make a pattern by folding the paper round the vase. Drawing lines (darts) on it and use this as a paper pattern to make the vase in fabric.

An example can be seen here. Still in paper, but hopefully they get some done in fabric the coming Thursday.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik denk dat ik wel een heleboel lesjes van jou kan gebruiken!

  2. wow, Jan wat leuk om te zien, i heb vandaag net een groep eerstejaars zitten te vertellen dat je als vormgever maar drie instrumenten hebt, vorm, kleur en materiaal!

    gegroet JH

  3. Wat een feest dat je dit met ons deelt, zo inspirerend, zo bijzonder mooi. Wat zal het ook een plezier en energie geven om van die getalenteerde jonge mensen te mogen doceren, theorie te mogen geven zodat ze hun praktijk hiermee op een hoger plan kunnen brengen, out of the box te leren denken......

    Wat moet je als ontwerper met veel rekening houden, haast onmogelijk om te beginnen, balans zoeken tussen draagbaar en kunst, balans tussen functioneel en kunst, en balans zoeken tussen de vele mogelijkheden........................moeilijk, maar boeiend.