woensdag 10 oktober 2012


Since I did start the goldsmithcourse I feel my creativity is coming back. My sketchbook is always in my bag, so when an idea turns up I immediately make a sketch or write it down. I feel those 2 hours really belong to me.
When I was studying at artschool I always loved to try things out. Experimenting was a good thing for me to figure out my strong points. I am not very good in drawing or painting, but experimenting with materials, different kind of papers or textiles has taught me a lot. I am not afraid to start something new I don't know, and I have always an open mind and sight to see what is happening.

When thinking about my passion..aka knitting I wanted to combine the two in one piece of jewelery. I didn't want to knit with silver wire, because I don't like the look of it. The stitches are not round enough.

My mind went off to my stash....
Some years ago I had bought a few cones silk-stainless steel yarn from Habu, in a beautiful dark blue colour.
The plan was to knit a big scarf, combined with fine meriono yarn.
What if....????
And off it went.....
Samples were knit.. 1 thread..2 threads..up to 8 threads together on needle 3,25...
Than the rough part came.. 
I wanted to get rid of the silk...and only use the stainless steel..
Yes, I know that sounds like wasting a beautiful yarn

A burner was taken...

And out came this.. 

You can see the fine threads from the stainless steel...
Now the exiting part could begun..
Because stainless steel is harder than silver I used a press to make a mark of the fabric into the silver...
Clever isn't it???

To get more out of it, I used:

To make the deeper parts black..

The result is like an etching and I really love it. 

This is going to be on the outside of "My Big Bracelet to Be Project" and on the inside the famous line from my Knitting Hero Elizabeth Zimmerman will be engraved:
"Knit on with confidence and hope, 
through all crises." 
The plain silver band is already ordered..

But, making a bracelet is not an easy thing to do. 
It is very technical, not easy at all, and very time consuming. 
A hinge needs to me made...and how to close it?
But it will be worth it to give it a try.
To get some more experience I am going to make another ring with the title:
You & Me & 

Also using the yarn from Habu....and in Bright Red..it will looks something like this..

The first part is done...

No lessons the coming 2 weeks..but the idea is there..

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