woensdag 10 oktober 2012

Bye Bye Studio....

My fellow Artist in Crime Evelien and myself have had for years a studio together. 
We used to got there every Wednesday to work on artwork for exhibitions. Over the last years it was hard for me to go there on Wednesday due to the illness of Bram. There were appointments in hospitals or other meetings or.. I was just to tired of everything and needed this day to recover. We have tried to work things out in another way, but it didn't  came out the way we wanted it.
This spring we got a letter from the City Councel which said that the building was sold and that all artist had to go. A new building with studio's was organized, but we decided to give up the studio for a while..

Last Wednesday we went together to sort things out...
Evelien had sorted out a big part already..which made things easier.
I decided to take some pictures...

So many things were made here...
So many ideas have turned up..
We had laughs, serious talks and arguments..
Doubts, and suddenly the perfect idea...
Inspiring  materials...
Textile everywhere..
Boxes full of yarns..

Pinns and needles..

Old metal boxes..

And buttons from my time as Gay Activist..
They always make me smile...

A banner from an exhibition...with our theme: 
If you look closely the ordinary is extra ordinarey

In the closet.....

The horrible fitting children sandals I bought in Rumania...

So many memories turend up...
All those years working together...

Leftovers from our first Exhibition...

 My drawingbox from Artschool..

And suddenly it became a bit too much for me.
Emotions turned up and I knew exactly why.

It is about saying Farewell..

About the years we have worked there together which has brought me a lot, all because we both wanted it that way. The precious moments we have had in that studio.
The feeling that we both gave our best part and that we have stimulated eachother.
All very special to me...
But the last years were so filled with  other, and for me more important things in life that making art. 
I have missed it a lot -and still do- but life has taken over this part of my life.

But it is not only about this part of saying farewell to the studio. 
At the moment the theme farewell is all around in my life.
Saying farewell has always been very difficult to me ever since I was a child.

It is because Bram's healthsituation is going down.
Results from the scan were as expected.
The arteriosclerosis is going further..and there has been a tiny cerebral infarction.
We both have to let go, which is the hard part of it.
I try to live in the now and not to worry too much about what will come.
Bram's life theme has always been:
We'll see where the ship aground.
So we keep sailing as long a possible..
I know, and feel deep inside that we are surrounded by loving and caring people who stand around us.
That feeling is a great comfort.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik ben er stil van......
    Véél sterkte, het klinkt zo luchtig en simpel uitgesproken, maar weet dat er een wereld aan méé-leven achter zit!

  2. Een lach en een traan... Wat moeilijk zeg... :( Dikke kus!

  3. De stille getuigen van een tijdperk. Afscheid doet pijn, ook al ben je geleidelijk naar dat moment toe gegroeid. We hebben zulke bijzondere dingen gedaan samen, dat blijft altijd bij ons. Fijn dat je nog wat foto's hebt gemaakt.

  4. Wat leuk om toch op afstand even mee te kijken naar dat wat kunstgeschiedenis maakte. De dagelijkse dingen van Dat-Wat-Was.
    En blijft. Vluchtige momenten die zo wonderwel opgeslagen kunnen zijn in het verdwijnpunt van een levensverhaal. Groetje