woensdag 19 september 2012

Lesson 2: A Perfect Round Ring...

This morning I had my 2nd lesson from the Goldsmith-course.. 
And again.. An Awsome Experience...

Under the wachfull eyes from Jeanette, my ring have gone a few steps further.
Not ready yet, but maybe next week I will the proud owner of a "Handmade by Me" Ring.

It all started this morning by getting the ring in a perfect round shape, so it would fit around my finger.
All what is needed is a Hammer..and a metal stick to put the ring around..

Than the Banging and Bashing could start...
Usually that always goes much better if you take someone in your mind whom you don't like...(No, that is not you Dear reader)

Measuring was the next step...by placing it on a kind of ring measure stick...(must ask the name next week)

Both sides should be equal ofcourse...
So..More Bashing...and More BASHING...

Till it did Fit...and till it was perfectly round..

Question: The sides of the ring have raw edges..
Answer: File...and file more..

And at the end... this result...sofar..A BIG silver Ring.

But..this is not the endresult...
It is just a simple ring who fits a men's finger..
More has to be done..
Which includes More Filing...

 And even more filing...

Next week: More steps to go, which will include: filing, polishing, stamping..
I realize now why prices from handmade jewelery need to be high. 
It takes a lot of work and time to get it right.

A silver bracelet will be my next item to make..
One thing: "BIG" as startingpoint for my Design.

I have noticed that it is good for me to have those 2 hours.
To concentrate on something beautiful to make for myself. 
A kind of little escape from the difficult situation we are in.
Bram's health gets weaker by the week. 

We had some visits to the hospital over the last days and weeks.
Next week we will get some results of all tests.
I am really worried about what will come.
Usually I can handle it quite well. 
Guess I have grown into it...

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