zondag 9 september 2012

A Strange Experience Today...

This afternoon was the opening of the Exhibition "Rituelen" at the Stedelijk Museum in Zwolle.
My neighbour Ellen Korth was one of the participants of the exhibition. 
She has made that beautiful book with the title: Utilité. 
I have written a blogpost about that book which can be read HERE.

I am in that book featured with a photo while I am knitting in our livingroom. 
It is a very good photo..

Just before we went on holiday Ellen told me that that photo was chosen to be on the invitation and the poster of the exhibition. 
I was very pleased for her ofcourse, because I think that photo is very good and I shows me the way I am. Knitting in front of a painting.

But...there was more to come....
At the entrance of the exhibition...

Have a look at this....

That is BIG...Really BIG...

I had taken yarn and needles with me..
Forgot to change into that striped shirt..or...the stripes just went the other way...

But...here am I knitting in front of...ME.

That is kind of Weird isn't it??

Next question is:

What has he on the needles??
Just a simple scarf in stripes...
But in the most luxury yarn from Shilasdair I got from Evelien
How about a Cashmere/Angora/Lambswool blend next to 100% Silk cord??
All dyed with natural dyes..
Absolutely stunning to knit with..
Pictures will come when the scarf is done..

The exhibtion itself shows also work by Jeanette Hoekstra as those "Conversation Pieces".

The shadow is an extra...

And recent work by her at Galerie Het Langhuis..
I really loved this!!!

Also can be seen..
New work by Ellen..this is just a little part of it...

I can tell you..
There is a Golden Madonna..but she didn't want to be pictured by me.. unfortunately..

And by Loes Heebink

Everything can be seen till  18-11-2012.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Geweldig! En dan de foto van jou voor de foto in een grote lijst thuis?

  2. Prachtig.
    Ik zal je in XXXL bewonderen als ik zaterdag er naar toe ga.

  3. How cool is That!!!

    Wish I could get to see it!

  4. Hartstikke leuk en het lijkt me ook een vreemde ervaring om jezelf levensgroot op een gevel te bewonderen. Wish dat ik even langs kon om het te bewonderen!