woensdag 8 augustus 2012


It is the day after my 54th Birthday..
I feel blessed with all the messages I got, and with the friends who came over yesterday for coffee and cake. 
Because my birthday  has always been in the middle of the summerholiday I hardly celebrated it. 
Even as a child I hardly did. 
Usually we were on holiday, so no need for it..

But I bought cake..and wine...and it was a good day..
A knittingbook, A cookbook, tickets for the theatre, flowers and something more will arrive tomorrow..
And it was special... in a special way...

I got a "esspecially made for me" poem by Yvonne van der Haven

Hij maakt 
verhalen met draden.

op wat van belang is.
naar het wezenlijke.
wat overbodig is.

Hij laat afglijden
wat er niet toe doet.

Hij maakt het leven 
voor de ander draagbaar

In English it is like this..
hope this is OK Yvonne..
He makes
stories with strings
To thread
on what is of importance.
to the essential.
what is superfluous.

He lets slip
what does not matter.

He makes life
for the other portable

We have never met in real, but we meet up on Facebook.
Don't tell me that Facebook is not reality..

This poem tells it all on how my life is at the moment. 
It combines my mind and soul with knitting, and I think that is just wonderfull..

What is really important and what not?
It is about Caring and Love.
And on Vulnerability...

Vulnerability..such a strong word I think, and also such a strong emotion.
I feel very vulnerable over the last months with all things happening.
Over the last weeks -while having holiday- I see how weak Bram is, which often touches me deeply. 
I feel very open and emotional, which helps me to deal with it. 

Last monday at my therapist we talked about this topic.
The importance of vulnerability, very necessary if you really want good contact with other humans and with yourself.

Harm. a friend of me, wrote me to have a look at the video from Brené Brown on this topic and also Ike - my very caring therapist- told me about this talk.

So, I watched it yesterday.
It was also a beautiful gift for my birthday.
I feel exactly what she is talking about..

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  1. man, wat mag je trots zijn op mensen die je zo'n prachtig gedicht toe sturen, en op je zelf natuurlijk.

    Hugs JH