vrijdag 17 augustus 2012


I like reflections in the landscape. Last night I took this one while making a stroll with Bram on the dyke. It is behind our house. Sometimes you suddenly see it. As David Hockney said in the documentary..it is all about the eye and all about seeing things. You really have to see.

I woke up early this morning after picking up Birgitta last night at the railwaystation in Winsum. A mug of tea next to me,while feeling the urge to write. Writing calms me down and brings everything in the right perspective for me. 

This place is really beautiful and it brings new memories. Being here together is also very confronting with his illness. There is no escape, and in one way it is harder to be here than at home. Don't think that I am complaining. I am not. 
But sometimes it is really hard to see the man I love so much struggle with everyting in his daily routine. I can understand him when he says that it is almost enough. On the other hand I know that he really loves life and people. 

I feel really blessed with good friends around us, who take care of him and me. 
The nurses from Buurtzorg -Geertje and Alice- really support me and Bram in a positive way. If needed I can always call them anytime.

There have been tears this last week when it became almost too much for me. But that is me. A good cry always cleans up everything and washes down my tension. And a good talk with Alice did set everything back in the right perspective.

We both have to fight everyday to keep up with everything. Some days go well, like yesterday. Other days are difficult and hard at some moments. 

When it becomes too much, I walk up the dyke and breathe in the fresh sea air.

Another week to go before heading home next Friday.
More memories will come. 
More blogposts will be written.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Schrijf het maar van je af, ik leef mee en denk aan jullie. groet voor Brigitta en Bram.

  2. De prachtigste momenten kunnen tegelijk zó schrijnen...