maandag 27 augustus 2012

My Most Hilarious Knittingbook...

July 1998.
While on holiday on Innishowen -where you can find the most northerly point from Ireland- we went to a 2nd hand bookshop in Carndonagh. 
Picture the setting: an old garage filled up with books...on shelves and in bags round the walls. A bit of a grumpy man who was the owner.

I always take a look at the craft section.
I picked up this book....

Written by Nicolette McGuire. ( I have tried everything to get in touch with her, but she has disappeared..anyone???)
Produced in 1987 by Bay Vieuw Books Ltd.

I remember that I looked in it and put it back....
Knitting was not a part of my life at that moment, so that might have been the reason.

But the book stayed in my mind and the next day we went back and I bought it.

Everytime I take a look in it I have to laugh.
This is my far most Hilarious Knittingbook..

As said in the book:
With a pair of needles, some wool and the exrtraordinary patterns from Nicolette McGuire, everyone can now create Royal Family Heirlooms that will be a joy forever.

And even better: 
It is possible to make almost anything with needles and some wool, so why not start at the top and "Knit Your Way Into The Royal Family" (Yes, you are reading that correct!)

So here it is:

And mind you...the crown is the perfect tea can be seen on this picture from the Queen knititng her way in a twinset with knitted pearls and corgi slippers..I so love his styling...photographed without seeing the head..Imagination works.

We all know the Queen has a bit of a naughty side too...Party Time..

Even the Smallest Room deserves the Royal treatment.....

Windsor Tower calling the Flying Duchess. Fasten your seat belts for a Royal Take-off..

The Royal Husband hasn't been forgotten....

So....Royalty is available for Everyone...
That might have been the reason that I bought the Jubilee yarn from Easyknits...

...and with a slice of this cake..(by Mr. Easyknits)...

We all can be Kings or Queens!!!

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  1. I have this book, too, and it's hysterical. I don't remember when I got it (probably 20+ years ago) or where. It seems that I've blocked out the purchase, but it's given me endless chuckles. So, what are you going to make? A crown, perhaps?