zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

Day 9.

When I came back this morning from the supermarket to buy the newspaper, gulls where sitting on, and flying over the harvested cornfields. 
A white sea, a blue sky and a golden front of our house.
Or as Maaike said today: the farmer is sowing gulls.
She and Louis came today by bus from Warffum.
It was emotional for me to share my feelings with them.
We have met a few times now, but I feel we know eachother already a long time.

I drove them back home in the afternoon and we passed:
Kleine Huisjes.
Den Andel.
Before arriving in Warffum.

Bram was very weak today.
Partly I think because of the very warm weather today.

Tonight I phoned up to Buurtzorg to ask if they could come over to check.
Alice came.
Checked everything.
Bloodpressure a little too high, but dropped later.
We talked.
Had a laugh.
And he felt a little better.

A glass of cold white wine outside.
Darkness came.
Birgitta went to bed.
Bram a bit later.

I am sitting now alone outside.

Stars allover in the sky.
Silence has fallen over this place.

A gull is screaming.
Bram is snoring.
And I feel calm and writing this blog.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat intens leef jij het leven, wat bijzonder dat we dit zo mogen meeleven door je prachtige schrijfsels op je blog.
    Het ontroerd me, elke blogpost opnieuw. Het maakt vragen bij me los, filosofische vragen. En doet me elke keer beseffen om vooral in het hier en nu te leven.
    Dank je Jan, voor je openheid, je delen, je vertalen van wat jij ziet en ervaart, in je mooie woorden.