dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

Day 12

This morning we went to Pieterburen.
Coffe and cake at Domies Toen.
An garden with a great variety in special plants.
The garden is done by volunteers.
It is a real community project, and the work they do together is amazing.

In an old building were the catechimus was taught in forgotten days was the tea shop.
A nice terace behind

There is a little pond behind -the so called '"Dobbe"- were cattle used to drink.
It is now surrounded by all kind of plants.

So we had coffee...
and cake...
and because it was so nice to sit there..
We took another coffee.. 

We bought some seeds in the shop...and got some from the lovely assistant right from the garden..

Afterwards we made a little stroll around the old Pieterskerk, next to the garden...  

In the afternoon I took Birgitta to the railwaystation in Winsum.
It was so lovely to have her here with us.
Guess we all needed eachother..
We are really good friends...for about 35 years..and nothing has changed this feeling..even not when she decided to live in Scotland...

It is a different holiday sofar..
But it is also relaxing...
No big drive by car...
A beautiful house to stay..
Fresh air and lots of space around..
The luxury of a dishwasher..

Don't mind about what I am wearing..
Happy in my shorts..
My favourite shirt..
Birkenstock slippers.

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