maandag 20 augustus 2012

Day 11.

A calm and much fresher day after the heat of yesterday.
Alice came to take care of Bram.
Coffee and a good chat.

Thick clouds were the sun stayed behind.
A little stroll on the dyke.
Misty, and the island had disappeared.

In the afternoon we made a little tour to Zoutkamp.
A tiny fishing village, close to where we stay.
We made a tour to the harbour.

Loads of boats..

I am always intrigued by the life of fishermen.
The traditions.
Mending the Dutch: Netten boeten.
We met up with a "nettenboeter".

You could see he has done this work all his life.
Experience is the key to this kind of work.

Nets could be seen in the harbour.
There are different kind of nets.
Those are for catching eele.

What better than having a some fresh fried fish with a vieuw at the harbour..


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