zondag 19 augustus 2012

Day 10.

On our way back from Leens we stopped to have a look at "Oosterhouw".The house where the poet C.O.(Cor) Jellema had lived together for 20 years with Klaas Noordhuis.The house where Klaas now lives with Hans Christiaan Klasema.

2 years ago my neighbour Ellen borrowed me a book made by Christiaan with the title: Maaltijd (Translatecd: Meal).
It was about the meals cooked at Oosterhouw.
Not a recipebook, but a more philosophical approach to food with 4 recipes.

I remember I did read it in bed,when Bram was staying in the hospital.
It was different.
Beautiful photo's.
Beautiful words.
The book did set itself in my mind.
I had not forgotten while staying here in Groningen

I stopped the car to have a look at the house.
While staring at the house a man -Klaas- came out, and we started talking.
He invited me and Birgitta in to have a look at the garden.
We entered the Barockgarden in front of the house.
Take your time and walk around.
No need to hurry.

We entered.

I got lost in a world I had never seen before.
Very moving.

So different from formal gardens.
The Landscape garden.
Architectural garden
Romantic forest with Japanese influences.

Grow and let go.
Speechless I was for moments.
A garden full with different layers.
Lush,and all shades of green.
Every corner was a surprise.
A dreamworld it was.

My imagination started running.
I had entered this world full of dreams and memories.
And a memory was made at that moment.

We where invited to have a drink on the terrace at the back of the house.
Talked with Klaas and met up with Christiaan.
Water and a slice of watermellon.
I bought the books and we left.
Bram couldn't come with us, but I hope we can go together the coming weeks.

I took a lot of pictures..
Here are some...
But in real it is so much more..

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  1. WTF, Vietnam gezien maar dit niet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! decadente nicht ben ik!