vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

Antique Textiles...

Our Dear Friend Janneke has a little antique textile collection inherited from her family who originally came from Groningen (the province we stayed this summer).
This week she did unpack an old trunk to give all the garments some fresh air..and to check the condition.
She phoned me up and invited me to have a look at it. She know I am always interested in everything textile related...
On the table and on Clothes Horses was a big selection of linen vests.
Spread out they would look like this:

For Men.

For Women.
They used to be worn under the daily garments. They are long, which has to do with the fact that underpants were not invented at that time, so the underside was slipped between the legs to form a kind of...pants.

They are made of linen and one could see differences in structure..
I am always intrigued in those kind of garments (many have been saved in textilecollections), because they are worn by a person.
Who this person is can be figuered out by the monograms embroided on the front.
Sometimes embroided in silk and always with the date under it.

This one has been worn by Mr. Eye Roelfs who lived between 1738 -1790 and came from a tiny placed named Zuurdijk.. 
He must have been a wealthy men, because only the rich could afford those kind of garments..

Some of them are hardly visible anymore.... and have another monograms embroided on them..

 It is always the attention for detail which touches me...
All handmade..stitch by stitch..no machines available..

The Embroidery with the same thread..
The handmade seams...
The so called...Spider..
The pleating.. 
The handmade buttons...
The buttonholes...  
The feeling that all have been worn..

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  1. Exquisite! Thank you so much for these gorgeous photos. Such lovely garments and wonderful detail. Now you know me...I also want to see the inside...were the seams finished in any way? Trimmed closely and all pressed to one side? I'm curious!