zondag 26 augustus 2012

A Very Old Knitting Book..

While on holiday I found a message from my dear friend Jos Wijnhoven, who has an antiquarian bookshop in Deventer..
He wrote that an old and very cute knittingbook was waiting for me in his shop. 
Actually he wrote that Agnes was waiting for me....but no idea who Agens was..

So yesterday I met up with Jos in his shop...and I met up with Agnes..
The title is translated: The Knitter, with some patterns by Agnes Verboom

It is a very old Dutch knittingbook, and this version (3th print) came out in November 1883.

Inside are 2 little plates with examples from the patterns inside the book.

Agnes must have been a very friendly woman.
She assures that all patterns and stitches have been made or knitted by herself.
It is a very practical book and inside are articles about:

What sizes needles you have and need (see Figure 1)
How to cast on (Figure 2)
How to hold the needles (Figure 3)
How to do a knit stitch (Figure 4)
How to a purl stitch (Figure 5)

Everything is really written in a very clear way, and I think that many women have used this practical method.
Agnes only uses cotton, wool or silk (no other yarns where available at that time)
Needles came in steel, ivory (would love to have a pair) or wood, and they coould be purchased at the shop from Miss J. Wunderman, Spuistraat near the Raamsteeg No 244 in Amsterdam.

The first part is about: diaper basket items.
And they are diapers..cast on 80 stitches..
A little camisole...cast on 225 stitches...
Hats and caps..
Little shoes...one in a square pattern, another one in stripes, a third one in a Scottish pattern..and many more little shoes..

The second part is about: toilet articles. 
As a capeline (Figure 13) and scarves.
A Fichu and under sleeves or Sleeves a la Gabrielle
Caps for women (Figure 13)..
Gloves and mitaines..
Socks for children, men and women..
Spatterdashes for a small boy..

Followed by the third part:
Curtains, blankets and other useful objects.

Various stitches as: Nr. 11, Pattern from the Princes of Wales (it is written that the Princes  did invent this stitch, because she -as been told- was very proficient in all female handicrafts). 
There is lace..and it ends with fringe for trimmings

It is a wonderfull book,and thinking about the time when it was printed it must have been a succes according that this is the 3th print of the book. 
Many products must have been made out of this book and used and admired by family and friends.
I hope to knit something out if it this coming winter...and perhaps make a pattern out of it..

This week I hope to write every day an article about the old and some newer knittingbooks I have in my bookshelve.
But this one is my absolute favourite sofar.. Thanks Jos

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