donderdag 19 juli 2012


Yesterday-afternoon I finally went to see the Film: "Intouchables". 
I had heared a lot about this film. 
Based on a true story, it tells the story of a friendship between Philippe -a wealthy tetraplegic- and Driss, a young and poor man from the suburbs (the so called Banlieu) from Paris, who is hired as a live-in carer.
François Cluzet who playes Philippe is fenomenal and so is Omar Sy in his role as Driss.

This film made my laugh and cry, and probably because I regocnize a lot in it.
It is a story about life and dealing with loss and making the most of it. 
Crossing borders and possibilities. 
It is about dreams and reality and about friendship and love. 
And about living in the moment and taking care and responsibility.

All those topics are also in our life now.  
I remember in the beginning when Bram got healthproblems that it was so hard to deal with. 
What to do? 
How to handle? 
But I have grown into it.. as also Driss did in the film..
I just have to do it...make the most of it, and usually that goes well.. 

2 years ago when we got the wheelchair. For me pushing that wheelchair was a difficult point. I felt resistance. Had the feeling that everyone looked at us and talked about us when we passed by. Probably not true, but it felt that way for me.

But that has all changed for the better. 
Whenever we can we go in town for a coffee and some shopping. 
We make the best of it and enjoy it.

I push him and I feel comfortable with it.
We talk and laugh, and one of the benefits for me is that is is easy for me to give him a kiss on his head.
It feels very intimate and being together in another way.

This film brought me a lot to think about.
Might buy the DVD, or perhaps give it a try to go again in 2 weeks time with Bram..
If you haven't seen it, here is the trailer.

Best of all was that the familyname from the real Philippe is Pozzo del Borgo,
and that Bram's familyname is also Borgo..
But..for sure... Bram comes from the poor branch..

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  1. Wat weer een mooie en ontroerende blogpost Jan.
    En wat prachtig dat een film zo kan aansluiten bij het persoonlijke proces wat iemand mee maakt.
    Bij Borgo moet ik denken aan de straat die in Rome ligt, evenwijdig aan de straat die naar de Sint Pieter loopt.

  2. that looks brilliant! Thanks for sharing the preview.

  3. Madonna heeft zelfs de Tuschinski afgehuurd en Engels ondertitling laten invliegen om van de Feel Good Film van 2012 te genieten. Ik overweeg het zelfs om voor de derde keer naar de bios te gaan want het blijft genieten. Een echte aanrader!