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Artez....The Judging..The Winners..

Last week was filled with Fashion and Design and this post will be packed with Images...and a little text..
So, if you are not interested in this field, you have to wait till my next post, which probably show you some images from the garden..

Wednesdaymorning was the judging for "De Arnhmese Nieuwe"  organized by O.P.A. mentioned in my writing about the Artez fashionshow. I got the train at 15 past 8 and walked the route to Artschool I used to do more that 20 years ago when I had my 5 year eveningcourse in fashiondesign. 
Strangely enough I felt a little nervous. 
Memories turned up:
23 years ago I finished here.
Big bags I used to take with me filled with fabrics, pencils, paints and much more. 
A big black folder for all my drawings..
The nerves for a review...
The excitement seeing my design on stage...

The building in which Artschool (now called Artez) is settled is build by Gerrit Rietveld and is a beautiful example of a clear vision in architecture. Glass everywhere (very hot in the summer I remember), and a great enviroment for an Art-study.

A big stair to the main entrances.

And inside nothing has changed as this staircase going up to the Fashion Department, were many of my hours at the Academy were spent.

The Judging committee did contain members from the different disciplines and they were:
Alfred Boland, Graphic Design
Jan ter Heide,  Fashion design;
Elsien Gringhuis, Fashion design;
Egbert Jan Lam,  Product design;
Robert jan de Kort, Architecture
Daan Roosegaarde, Interaction design;

For the price for Fashion, my fellow Judge Fashion Elsien Gringhuis and myself had choosen 3 designers who could be the winners. Those 3 students got 15 minutes to talk about their work and they had to respond on questions.
The result for Fashion are...

Esther Kruyer with "Triple"

A very commercial collection. Big shapes, based on the garments of Ice skating. 

Different fabrics, colour blocking, matching earrings, bags and shoes in a a vivid colour palette. 

The other Winner is...

Jef Montes with his Collection: "Dolores"

A collection based on his Personal Heritage coming from a Spanish based family. The cathedral Santa Maria in Tarragona, priests and Catholicism and his close relation with his grandmother Dolores. 

"Dolores", meaning pain, mourning, Dead and it is a pure Spanish feeling. 
A very moving and strong collection, because of his personal background.

The tears of Maria...

The fabric based on Porcelain from Maria statues..and the rosary from his Grandmother..

The smockwork at the back of this coat..

  The dress based on the coat of a monk...

In this video (without sound unfortunately) you can see his collection starting at 7.33...

I think those 2 really different collections really repesent the "De Arnhemse Nieuwe"
One very Commercial and one very Couture.

For me the experience of judging the collections was very inspiring. Going through all the collections I always admire young people, their ideas, the proces.. 
Guess I am really born to be a teacher...

And at the end... Fashion is about Fabric and a Sewingmachine...isn't it??

On Friday I went back to have a more close look at the work from the students from different directions.
Nex to the Fashion Department I think the Product Design section is really interesting. 
It has - at some points- a relation with fashion.

I came across shoes which I would love to wear....
These are by Job Willemsen... from his collection "Hybridity"

Or those by Eric Hullegie from his collection: "The Shoe Factory Revised"......

 (He promised me that if he would get a job at Camper, he would try to get them into production...so maybe one day..they will be mine...really my kind of shoe!!

Or this pair done in a totally different way of production..Light and they both are a little different... I really hope he gets this job at Camper...

But it is not only shoes....

How about a little heart on a ring made of sugar..."Eat Me" by Anne Quakernaat

Sold for 1 Euro.. I couldn't resist...worn..and eaten by Bram in the evening when I came home...

There were the "Cooking Applications" by Casper Tolhuisen...one of the 2 "Arnhemse Nieuwe" winners from Product Design..

A different approach to cooking...smoking, conserving..rough in a way, but perfectly fitting now with all the attention for decent good food...More and far better pictures on his site...

"Supermarket My Hardware Store" by Luuk Wiehink..showed packaging can be fun..

And Animals can be made out of a plastic bottle...

Those beautiful gloves -designed by Renee Verhoeven - are made by artisans from a small leather factory in Tuscany...
"Concealed Layers Of Product Life" is the title of her collection. 
Craftmanship combined with Design in a beautiful way...

"Redifine Our Public Space"
 by Thor ter Kulve (also a Winner) is about reshape and redefine our public space.. 

How about this fireplace insert to typical Dutch trash can?

 Or criticism to vacancy in office-buildings..

At the Fine Art Department I suddenly was overwhelmed by the film:

"Er helemaal tussenuit" by Inge Mijer. 

Situated on a camping this film shows it all. I really had to buy the DVD..

A small trailer can be seen HERE

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  1. daar kun je toch niet uit kiezen!

  2. O Jan, wat ben jij toch een bofkont, dat je al dit moois en nog veel meer mag bekijken en mag beoordelen!! Zo inspirerend, zo prachtig, zo knap van die jonge mensen!! Ik word blij van zulke foto's, van het vernieuwende, van de gein die er afspat. Ik ben jaren terug op een expositie geweest van afgestudeerden en heb GENOTEN!!