zaterdag 9 juni 2012

Artez FashionShow... Amazing!

Last night I visited the Artez Graduation Fashionshow in Arnhem. 

One word: Amazing! 

Next to watching all collections passing by I had to give my opinion as member of judge for a competiton for "Arnhem's Newest Design Talent". 
The so called: "Arnhemse Nieuwe" organised by O.P.A
Not an easy task, but very exiting for me.
The show was held in an empty building at a industrial park. 
A great location and very welcoming.

Inside was this scene wating... No glamour, but GREAT!!

Info-paper on the chairs...

The show started with the first year outfits based on the theme: "Protest"
Very experimental to give them a different and personal view on garments.

The second years came out with the theme "New Aristocracy". Fit for a Queen.

The 3th years showed the "Collection Arnhem"
This is a collection made together by all students from that year.
Some years it was good, some years I had doubts..but this year was sooo Good!!! 
Verty experimental in a way, as you should do when you are studying at this academy. 
Great colours scremaing out loud. Loved it!! 
The stripes, the colours,the fabric combinations,the loudness of it, the styling..Picture PERFECT!!

And than I had to Write ..because the "Final Collections" came up..



And Look Sharp... What is interesting??..What Not??

So here are my Favourite One's..

"Yda" by Maaike Bles:.. 
Simplicity and Comfort..Very commercial.

by Eefje Wijnings. 
Handpainted Blocks and Lines all over the place. Modern Young Couture.. 

"Dolores"by Jef Montes. 
New Fabrics. Very innovative. Slick.

"Triple" by Esther Kruyer. 
Great shapes, Great bags..perhaps a little too much different fabrics in one outfit.

And My Personal Winner is.... will let you know soon...

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  1. Inspirerend allemaal en wat een geweldig gebouw zo met het licht van boven! Ik zie zo een aantal ontwerpen die ik graag zou willen dragen!