woensdag 1 februari 2012

Winter...Finally it is Cold

And Finally the temperature has dropped under freezing point..so Winter finally has arrived. Time to wear my own handknitted gloves, hat and shawl.
And...May I present my latest sweater.
My gorgeous, beautiful coloured Lopapeysa...knitted in Icelandic Lopi yarn. Took me a little more than 1 Month. A sweater which looks good on me and fitts perfect. Just in time ready before the cold has started..
My own.......Riddari

The pictures are taken by a young students from the Photograpy Department in my school. My colleague Annemiek also came with me, and because I gave her a knitted shawl we decided also to go together on a photo.

So this sweater is done. I am sure I will knit another Lopapeysa in the future, or maybe I design one myself.
But with plenty of stash and a waiting Fair-Isle project I decided to start another project (Yes, I am a very Promiscues Knitter).
While on holiday on Shetland I bought a great Blue Arran yarn from Jamieson & Smith.

The idea was to knit a cardigan designed by my knitting hero Elizabeth Zimmerman.
and it is published in this book.

When I discovered EZ years ago I entered a totally new Knitting World. The first Baby Surprise jacket I did knit for Jim was a totally amazing knitting experience. I remember knitting a strange kind of shaped "blanket" and by folding it, it suddenly became a beautiful jacket. I was immediately addicted to EZ and have most of her books.
She was very important for the development of Knitting and many of her patterns and designs have been published in magazines as Vogue.
In The Netherlands she wasn't very well known and didn't had the Cult status she has in the USA. But things are changing and also here she is much more well known and a great inspiration for many knitters.
I like here attitude to knitting as can be read in this text:
So Knitters: You are the Boss!!!

My next purchase might be the DVD from the Knitting Workshop (I have heared that it is great to watch and also Hilarious when needles are dropping on the floor)

But...Now there is a Slight Problem...I might not have enough yarn to knit that Cardigan (13 skeins from 50 gram). I will contact J&S and maybe they have some left in number of the Lot. Otherwise I will knit a sweater out of it..
More on it hopefully in my next Post...

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  1. Wat PRACHTIG!!! Heb erg van je blogpost genoten en de foto's goed in me opgenomen. MOOOOOI!!