zondag 26 februari 2012


My One week Tulip-Holiday started last Friday. I was really looking forward to this. My life right now takes a lot of energy with a husband who is ill and needs care. One week without waking up at 5.45..no classes..just doing things I love to do.

My cardigan goes slowly, but I like the result sofar.

At the end I decided not to fill in the squares with different patterns. Tried some, ripped it out and came to the conclusion that I like it more in this simple way. It will take some time till it gets finished, but I can see me wearing it with great pleasure in the future. The yarn already gets a little softer while knitting it. Guess To Steek is not that difficult.... The Fair Isle project is also still on the needles and this afternoon I did some rows. So 2 Big projects..I might start a little one for inbetween...Socks perhaps..or a little lace shawl..or...

Spring has started in our garden. The bulbs I planted in Autumn (after clearing the garden)are peeping out of the ground.

It will be hopefully colourfull in Spring, so Bram can sit outside in the sun looking at a our garden. Really hope he will be able to that, because Spring is his favourite season. His healthproblems get a little more worse over the last weeks. He is tired all day, doesn't sleep well and it takes a lot of energy for him to "do the day". I think he is very brave going outside with his walker despite the fact that it is hard for him and not very easy. But he goes to the next street for coffee and the newspaper.
Usually I can deal with it in a good way. When it gets to hard for me there is always my psychotherapist where I can drop my sadness and tears.
I found out with her help that you can set your mind in another direction. An example is that on Saturday I always felt exhausted at the end of the day..The Laundry, The shopping...I was complaining too much about it..But now I am just telling myself that it is only 10 minutes to hang the laundry - what's 10 minutes on a day??- and to keep my posture straight when I do the shopping (No bending anymore).The feeling of doing it this way is so much more positive. I now try to enjoy the day because that is so much better for my mood. Mindset in the right direction works for me...

This week we hopefully will get contact with a woman who might help us with the practical things who will come in the future. Questions as: How can we keep the wheelchair? What if no one can bring him to physical therapy?
There are a lot of things we need to sort out and we hope she can be a big help in it...

One week holiday usually goes very quick..But with the help of neighbours I can go 2 days to London on Thursday and Friday. The reason to go is that I am going to see the big exhibition from David Hockney in the Royal Academy of Arts. After watching a program on the tele about this painting
and a talk with a neighbour and some persuation the booking of a flight was easy. They will take care of Bram while I am away, so that is a relief.
The exhibition is about the 50 years he painted and esspecially about the landscapes from Yorkshire he painted over the years when he started living there again. Yorkshire is such a beautiful county with roling hills and dramatic landscapes.
I have admired his work over the years so much, and now at 73 he is still so acitive and full of energy. For me he is one of the best painters.
Really happy I booked a ticket so I can go in, after finding out it is a very busy exhibition.
I fly from Eindhoven airport early on Thursday and the next day back in the afternoon from Stansted airport. Sleeping will be in "Hotel Easyknits" from my dear Knitting-Friend Jon and his husband Roy.. Very looking forward to meet up with them.
I always love to go to London. The shops, the atmosphere, the tube..the language..

Today there was the smell of Spring in the air. In the Conventgarden behind our house Snowdrops are in full bloom.

And inside our house there are bunches of tulips...My favourite flower...

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  1. Wat weer een mooie blogpost Jan!
    Wat vreselijk verdrietig dat Bram zo moe blijft en zelfs achteruit gaat. Wat sta je dan machteloos.
    Fijn dat de psychotherapeute dan van die bruikbare tips geeft, waar je echt wat aan hebt.
    Wat een lieve buren dat ze zich zo over Bram willen ontfermen, zodat jij naar London kan.
    Lieve Jan, ik wens je een zeer goede tulpenvakantie, dat je lekker tot rust kunt komen, van Bram kunt genieten en een leuke trip naar London hebt.
    Dikke tut vanuit Fryslân

    Tijm x x x