zaterdag 31 december 2011

Last Post of 2011....Alaïa and More...

This is the last blogpost from 2011. I just wrote on Facebook that this Month wasn't my favourite and that I speak a lot of people who have the same. It will be a calm evening together at home. Bram is way too tired to celebrate and all I want to do is: knit, sipping wine and enjoying eachothers company. I am not in the mood for a party...which is fine to me...

Yesterday we went to Groningen so see Jim and his parents. It was lovely as always. I had planned to go to the Groninger Museum to see the exhbition from Azzedine Alaïa. So Karin lend me her bike and off I went. The sun was shining and it was my first time to cycle through the City Centre. Really enjoyed it. I was really looking forward to see the exhibition because ever since the days I studied fashion I am a big Fan of his work.

I have seen both exhibition from Alaïa but this was was for me not the best one. The first one was exiting, this one is rather dull and boring to watch. Just Dollies placed in the exhibition spaces: No explanation, No combination with Art (as the previous one with works by Basquiat).....

The garments ofcourse are Stunning.

Beautiful made and what a Craftmanship! The perfection is breath-taking:
the Fabrics,

the Details,

the Shape,

the Embroideries,

the Elegance and Sexy without Slutty...

Real Haute Couture...

All Beautiful..

But because of the lack of a good presentation it became...Well, a bit boring at the end...It was just not enough to keep me exited till the end.

Everything made possibly size 34 or even slimmer...That's another point. I am not fighting for bigger sizes now, but this for me was a bit too slim. Yes, I know garments look usually better on smaller sizes, but..I wonder what idea Aläia has about woman. Might buy the catalogue next time I will visit the exhibition with my class..Perhaps I can read it there.

This holiday for me is about relaxing. We had a lovely dinner at our neighbours. There is plenty of time for knitting. I did finish my new hat: The Habitat by BrooklynTweed.
Shelter is a nice yarn to work with. It is spun very airy and gets really soft after a soak.
Suddenly a little into cabling, so the Knotty but Nice hat is now on the needles in Madeline Tosh DK yarn

and I am ofcourse knitting on my Lopapeysa...

I hope to meet up with you all soon in 2012. XXX Jan

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Een hele fijne jaarwisseling gewenst voor jullie!
    Heerlijk rustig, en genieten van elkaar!!
    Geweldige kleding, en ik ben het helemaal met je eens, iets grotere maten voor "real" women zou verfrissend zijn op een tentoonstelling.

  2. Lieve Jan,

    Ik hoop dat jullie beiden een goede jaarwisseling gehad hebben. Het samen in alle rust vieren is ook heel prettig en goed.
    Het zal heel heel fijn zijn als in dit nieuwe jaar Bram zijn conditie mag verbeteren. Dat hij minder moe is.

    Grappig dat jij de expositie in Groningen minder boeiend vond. Ik had (helaas) geen eerdere voorbeelden van zijn werk gezien, dus ik was laaiend enthosiast, juist op de punten die je hierboven aanhaalt. En dan te bedenken dat het nog boeiender kan zijn..... Wat is die man dan een genie!! En dat vond ik al.
    Tip, als je het boek wilt kopen, vergeet dan niet de bon uit de Textiel Plus mee te nemen, scheelt je bijna de helft qua prijs.

    Ik hoop je komend jaar veel tegen te komen, zowel digitaal als in het echt!

    x x x