zondag 9 oktober 2011

Autumn...Time to Knit....

Autumn has arrived with rain and wind. Guess I have always loved that season. After a nice After-Summer with plenty of sunshine and the little trip to Italy I am totally up for evenings at home knitting seasonal items. I still have a lace shawl on the needles.
A long project and last night I made a mistake. Didn't read the pattern properly.....Now I have to rip out half a needle and that needs concentration. Will do that tonight..no talking please...

During my Italy trip I found out that knitted garments are still very fashionable. In Milan this window display at Stefanel got my attention.

Benneton showed yarnballs moving in their window...
and I did buy this bag for Evelien as a birthday-gift.
Yeah...I know..I could have knitted it myself, but this was rather tempting for me...

But there was more...Much more. This hand knit sweater in cashmere at Hermes caught my eye.
Way to expensive, but an interesting pattern. At home I placed a question -how to make knit this pattern- on the forum from the Dutch Crafters group on Ravelry. An interesting discussion did follow and thanks to Agnes aka Stekelbakske I can show the pattern here. Thanks again Agnes!!

This is in my opinion one of the great things of Ravelry. Sharing information. You can place a topic on a forum and a solution for a problem is immediately at the horizon. How did we manage in the past without Ravelry I often wonder....
I am definitely going to try it out and perhaps use it in the front of a cardi I would like to knit in J&S yarn...

Last week I visited the just opened exhibition "Ontrafelt" in Museum Twentse Welle in Enschede (very convenient, it is the city I work. This exhibition was first showed in the MoMu in Antwerp and now a big sellection is shown in Enschede. One word: Wonderfull and we are planning to go there with all students. Just some pictures here from items I loved.
The little lace dress by Vivienne Westwood.
Black and White by Dirk van Saene.
2 Sweaters: on the left the very architectural work by Sandra Backlund and on the right by one of my all time favourite designers Martin Margiela.
Must go back now to Milan because I did visit his shop in the Via della Spiga.
An amazing shop. Shelves made out of books, White all over and beautiful crafted garments. Not allowed to take pictures inside unfortunately. His garments always makes me exited. There is something in it which is hard to discribe. History, Basics, Attention for details, craftmanship. I would love to wear his clothes...but...prices are a bit high for me...

Milan... that was really an exiting afternoon with 2 colleagues. The shop from Blumarine with the green tables with pink roses outside..
Moschino with a Postcard from Paris and Love letters on the floor...
Glamour at Dolce & Gabbana
Even the banisters were covered with a silk fabric.. For me a bit too much over the top..

But than...after all the luxury came the new Shop from Pirelli. The brand famous for rubber tires and the famous calendar.Just opened 3 days before we came.. A little film can be seen here and the falling water projected on the floor was simply amazing. I hardly did dare to step onto it...

Every now and than I can get very exited about things happening in the fashion world and this was one of those moments. Such a great concept.. the wall with yellow wellingtons.
The lamps used normally in cars..
The racingcar above the men garments.

And the effective, simple presentation of the coats...
Next time I have to buy a coat over there...

But..back to Autumn..
Did bake a cake with plums yesterdayafternoon.

Nothing can beat the smell of a freshly baked cake. Time for tea now and a slice ofcourse..

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  2. Ja,Leuk om te zien. Het zal er vast van komen om ook even te gaan.
    Groetje :)