donderdag 22 september 2011

Day 4. Marzotto

Marzotto is a big textilefirm in Valdagno. The produce mostly fabrics for men suits. Big brands as Valentino & Armani buy the fabrics at Marzotto and the fabric usually is woven esspecially for them.

Arriving at the firm I got the feeling as arriving in a small city. Not a strange idea, because the Marzotto family did build houses where the workers could live.
It is a huge firm, established 175 years ago.

We got a tour around the factory to see the whole proces from building up the warp and weft till the final product. Very interesting was to feel the woven fabric before and after finishing. Soft and Delicate, Light and Airy in typical colours men like. Dyes in bottles computerized mixed together to get the right colour. Mixtures from silk and wool, 100% merino etc.

After the tour -which took hours - we had lunch outside. Spaghetti and a good cappucino afterwards. It was warm, which is strange for this time of year as we were told.

After lunch we visited the Marzotto textile school and museum. The museum showed all stages of weaving fabric from a historic point of vieuw. Old fabrics, hand drawn designs, patterns and new fabrics with a Palladian theme based on the famous buildings from Palladio. Would be nice to have a modern chair covered with that fabric.

Interesting was the adverts Marzotto made during the fascist time. No judging now please!!! It is also part of the history from a country. Marzotto did advertize in fascist magazines. The fight against communism with the symbol of the bear wearing a cap with a red star. The black and brown suit. Brown was the colour of fascism.

But one must realize that when they hadn't done that at the time the whole factory would be closed and the whole community would have lost their work. In my opinion it is always easy to comment on this from the comfortable situation nowadays. Ofcourse I am very against the idea of fascism, but the question always is: would you be brave enough to stand up against it and risking your life? I hope to be brave...but I can't say 100% that I would say No..and who is so sure of him/herself?? I personally hope that I will not come in such a difficult situation.

We than drove back to Vicenza for a final meeting at CPV and a presentation from a new fashion community on the Internet. Till now my mind is spinning with new ideas thanks to all I have seen, heared, discussed and thought. It definitely is not a holiday. The days are "full". You get tired, but it is so inspirational for me at this stage in my life. Big Bonus and I am very happy that I was allowed to go and have this experience.

A quick, very quick shower in the hotel before going in town with Mira, Cora and Thijs. Vicenza is such a beautiful city, and even more in the evening when the lights are on and the terraces are filled with young and old people. Nice dinner outside...good food, wine and interesting life stories where is really Bella Italia in many ways..

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