woensdag 21 september 2011

Day 3. From school to....

14.45 hrs. In the bus from Padova to Vicenza. Sunny with a nice temperature. Just had a nice lunch in the Italian way.

An interesting day sofar. We left the hotel at 8, to visit a fashionschool in Padova named E.U. Ruzza Pendola. I have done a project with this school about 15 years ago. It was nice to be back, and even met up with 2 colleagues from the past. The teacher design showed some denim bleached jackets. A new Director introduced herself. Nice atmosphere.

The building hadn't changed and the vieuw on the church with "cuppola's' of Saint Antonio hadn't changed either. I am going to invite them to join a new project about the future of patternmaking.

23.30 hrs.
Next was a visit to Scuola Italiana Design.  A really inspirational visit thanks to the inspirational talk about creativity and design done by Strategic Design teacher Andrea Busato. And I liked his glasses very much with the little red part in it.
We don't design, we satify needs.
A good designer is a good observer.
I hope to get in touch with him also because of the training Artist Coach for Companies I did follow and which also goes about creativity.

After lunch we were brought to Ritex Centro which is a textile lab. They do research on textiles for various companies. Interesting and I got a good website about jeans washings which we can use in school.

Late in the afternoon and after a quick view on a Palladian Villa we went off the bus in Vicenza centre.
Couldn't resist a tricot sleeveless cardi with a grey pinstripe front at Falconeri.
I had a Campari on a terrace with my colleague Thijs with the great architect Andrea Palladio in front of us.
A nice dinner outside followed. Really enjoyable company and very personal talks with eachother about subjects of life.
To be honest...I was a bit afraid that we only would talk about education...we do, but luckily also about other topics...and we have great fun also..

Tomorrow more visits...Bedtime now..

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