maandag 19 september 2011

Day 1....Schiphol>Venice>Vicenza

I am at Schiphol Airport now. Traveling by plane to Venice and after arriving there traveling to Vicenza. The trip is organized for teachers who's task is to organize International projects or trainings. Flying out today and returning the coming saturday. The days will be filled with visits to schools, firms, fashion-fair in Milan and a cultural day in Venice. It will be busy, but also very interesting.

So, this morning we said goodbye at the railwaystation. A little mixed feelings. Very looking forward to go, but also worries how things will go at home. Bram's health isn't good (first research nothing found, another research coming soon), but he promised me that nothing would happen. This morning he said that he could't bear the idea that I would have stayed home for him. So I will call everyday and I know that he is taken good care off by friends and neighbours.

Just bougt a book situated partly in Venice (I always buy a book at the airport when I go somewhere) and had a Latte at Starbucks. An hour to go before the plane is heading off...

14.50 hrs. It's raining when we take off...

15.10 hrs. High in the sky. Clouds are drifting by. They form a new kind of landscape. Always changing. I am always amazed how an airplane goes up in the air. I know it technically: speed and pressure working together..but still tough. Gone are the green meadows.

Almost crossing the German border now. Little turbulence is expected. No Blues CD: Ya Dunya is on now.

16.00 hrs. First chapter from "Tell it to the skies." by Erica James finished. An "easy read" for €7,50. Still no sign of a landscape on the ground. White World.

16.25 hrs. 15 minutes to go. Thunderstorm and heavy rain in Venice and 27C. Landing 5 minutes later than expected time. Strange: one moment you are in Amsterdam and less than 2 hrs. later you are on Italy. Turbulence now. Something is appearing now inbetween the clouds. Italy in sight and we are approaching Marco Polo Airport. No clear sight on Venice unfortunately, but such a different coloured landscape.

15.40 hrs. Landed safe in Venice. The city at the horizon.

18.40 hrs. Just had a soak in the bath from my room. Arrived one hour ago  - by mini-bus- here at the NH hotel Vicenza. Nice to hear the Italuan language spoken. Very pleasant room with a huge bed.
The group seems nice to me with some familiar faces I know from meetings. Did a phonecall to Bram. Grandson Jim didn't liked the idea that I wasn't at home and kept asking where I was. So sweet to hear this.
At 7 we are going out for dinner. Italian food is my favourite. Let's get dressed now.

22.30 hrs. Home after a nice meal at a restaurant on the same street. Pasta with fungi, white wine, dolci and a good espresso at the end. All that is left is on the picture. Afterwards a drink at a terrace close to the hotel. Interesting group with different backgrounds. Time to read now before going to sleep. Buonanotte.

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