zondag 7 augustus 2011

Weather Forcast.

According the weather forcast it was supposed to rain today. Long periods of rain. Well..it did rain early in the morning. It was dry when we woke up round 9 and in Clifden round 11 the sun came out. Little drizzle in the late afternoon and dry afterwards. Just after dinner round 8 I went to the well to get a bottle of water. When there..it started to rain..a "soft rain" as they call it here. It lasted a few minutes and out came the sun. Bright light on a wet landscape. A beautiful sunset at the end.

It is the quick changes in the weather here, which can show a landscape so different in a few minutes. One minute dark and the next moment bright and shiny.
I hardly believe what the weather forcast tells..it is usually the other way round here.

P.s. I have a slight new addiction. I have put a retro camera app (the Bärbi, Leipzig 1951) in my phone which gives such a nostalgic images.. here are a few I made today..

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