zaterdag 6 augustus 2011


Always when I am on holiday I don't care that much the way I look. And ofcourse we took too much clothes with us despite the fact that there is a washing machine in the cottage. Every year we try to limit, but it never works. Just in case..some extra shirts...and this for a cold day..and this....and again the bag is fully packed with clothes we won't wear.

I wear my favourite garments most of the time, and when they are dirty I wash them to put them on again in the same week. Guess with less clothes I could do this holiday too.

So this year it is my all time favourite striped Marimekko shirt, a pair of jeans (should have mended the holes: they get bigger by the day) and my Birkenstock slippers.

Tomorrow at my birthday we are going to have lunch at Ballynahinch Casttle. I will dress up a little. No Birkenstocks, that's for sure.

1 opmerking:

  1. Ziet er zo al best heel netjes uit hoor!
    Volgende keer dus ECHT heel weinig kleding mee en dan de koffer lekker volladen met garen wat je in Ireland koopt!

    Gr. van Tijm