woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Simple Pleasure 9.

Smell. When I am walking to the bay for my daily swim, I am surrounded by the smell of flowers. Sweet perfume from wild roses. A strong aroma from red klover. It is a little walk, but I enjoy it everytime.

The nearer I come to the sea,  the stronger one can smell the sea. Esspecially at low tide you get the pungent smell from seaweed in your nose. Stones, which are usually under water show their green covering and give their particular smell. The smell of the sea always makes me happy. Salt water and salt air.
The Irish poet John O'Donnell has written a poem which covers it all.

Salty nights: damp hair
and skin, ears still full of sand
listening to the beach.

I would love to live near the sea. Last year we visited our dear friend Penny who lives next to the sea. Just a street inbetween her house and the sea. I have never slept closer by the sea. Sleeping  with the window open and listening and smelling the sea was such a great experience for me.

Smell I guess, is the most difficult thing to describe. But I guess we all know the smell of the sea.

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