vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

Simple Pleasure 5. Knitting.

I love knitting. The simple technique from 2 sticks, some yarn and a movement to create a fabric. If you know the basics, something beautiful can come out.
"Knit with confidence through all crises" is a sentence from Elizabeth Zimmerman and she is right with that. Knitting has helped me a lot during the last year. Kept me focused on the positive side of life.

So, I took my needles, different yarns and patterns with me to Ireland, next to 2 almost finished Estonian lace projects which only needed some grafting. Still very into lace, and I only knit them to give away.

My first finished shawl I knitted here in Ireland is for Anne. Knitted in hand-dyed merino/silk yarn from A Verb for keeping Warm. I won that beautiful skein in a competition from the podcast Fiberbeat. It needs blocking which I will do at home, and than send it off to Anne.

Than I started a lace shawl from Kieran Foley in bright blue Madeline Tosh lace yarn. It will take a long time to finish it off.
Another idea was to make a sample shawl with all kind of Estonian patterns in it. Nice idea, but far too complicated for a holiday knit, and I find alpaca too slippery for it. Instead it will be the Dewdrop shawl. Bit boring begin, but I am now at the point to start the lace section, so much more exiting.

At Stanleys in Clifden they sell nice Aran Tweed yarn from Studio Donegal. Couldn't resist to buy this purple colour to knit the Springtime Bandit Shawl as a gift for a friend. Easy and quick knit on 5,5 needles. With sheep everywhere walking you woukd expect loads of different yarns you could buy. The truth is that there are hardly any mills left, so unfortunately not much choice and hardly any good yarnstores left.

But best of all is knitting here outside with a vieuw on the Atlantic when the sun is shining.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wish I was there too!!
    Your knitting looks sooooooooooo nice!!

    Greetings from Tijm

  2. hi, i'm Maaike.
    i have a blog abaut bento and sushi (bento is a japanese lunch) http://bentocupcake.blogspot.com/
    so i thought maybe you cud knit a sushi thing, and i make a knitting bento, and we blog abaut each other ?