dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Simple Pleasure 4.

Nothing better than a "Dip in the Atlantic". I always feel that it cleans body and soul. Esspecially in the bay at Rossadiliks where hardly anyone swims. Whenever I tell anyone here that I like to swim there the answer is always..but the water is so cold. Are  you wearing a wetsuit? Ofcourse not is my vast reply.

I must admit: the water has not a tropical temperature. It is fresh when you go in, but after a while it feels pleasant and the strange thing is that when you swim back the water feels warmer closer to the shore. The water in the bay is chrystal clear. A few years ago while swimming a seal popped up 1 meter from me. We looked at eachother and off he or she went. The story goes that some seals are selkies. When the selkie comes ashore she turns into a beautiful woman and when she picks up the skin she becomes a seal again. Perhaps this one was a Selkie, who knows..

Since I learned to swim I have always loved it. When I was a boy my father took me everymorning in the season to the pool. At 7 in the water, at 7.30 out of the water, no matter what kind of weather it was. Nice childhood memorie. But swimming in a swimming pool is not my thing anymore. Too many people and the smell of chloride turns me off.

But swimming here is the way I like it.
All it needs is a little walk among the lane going down to the sea. They placed a signpost: Rossadilisk Paradise. For me it is a Swimming Paradise.

Tomorrow they promised a nice and sunny day. If so, I might go twice.

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