vrijdag 12 augustus 2011


Today was a typical Irish summerday (just kidding). Fog, drizzle and rain, but not cold. In the afternoon it became dry and it stayed dry all evening.

After dinner I made a walk to Selerna bay. While walking I suddenly became aware of the silence around me and I could hear the silence in my head.
The first time I discovered this silence in my head was during a meditation session. I was so amazed with the awareness, that it was away the next second and that silence was also a bit overwhelming. Never had such a strong experience with silence.

Now I like to go back to that silence every now and than. Sit and breath is all it takes. This place offers me a lot of intense silence which is doing well for my often hectic mind. It comes sort of automatically when I make a walk. It might be one of the reasons why I like to be here.

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