vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Empty Houses.

For today they promised persistant rain coming from the West. Strong winds from the Atlantic.
And, yes it is raining already all morning. I made the fire and it is comfortable here. Warm tea and porridge.
But I often think about how it must have been here long ago. Living in a damp cottage all year round. Healthproblems would occur. Flu or even worse.

There are still many of these traditional houses all around in the landscape. Ruins they are. The roof has disappeared and all is left are stone walls. In the area where we are many can be found. Sometimes you can see holes were windows would have been. Reflections from the past they are.

But there is history in these houses. Personal history which links to the history and development of a country. Babies were born and grandparents passed away. Happines and sadnes. The ordinary daily life from going to bed when it was dark and waking up early. The first thing needed to be done was making fire to get the cold out. If you were lucky the fire was still on. And than a long workingday ahead. Life circles as they are everywhere.

It looks as it is dry outside, but we keep the fire going.

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