woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Doo Lough

There are very sad parts in the Irish History. The Great Famine is one of the many. 1849 it was. The potato crop was totally rotten. No food from the land meant no money for the tennants. No money meant that they couldn't pay the rent for their house to the landlord. They were forced to leave their house. The house than was taken down by the landlord so they couldn't stay. Whole families, young and old had to leave the place they lived. The harsh climate didn't help much to survive and many passed away during their flew to...yes, to where??
The lucky ones escaped to the New World, but only the ones who had the money for it. It is the same which still happens today. No work means no money and no money means no future.
Little has changed. There is still poverty in the world.

Monday morning we set off for a trip to Doo Lough. It was nice weather when we left. The more closer we came to Leenane, the more drizzle appeared. We followed the road among the Aasleagh waterfall, Delphi Lodge to Doo Lough. The rain became heavy.

At this valley in 1849 tennants had to leave their houses as told by the owner of Delphi Lodge. Many off them passed away while trying to get away. No food, no nothing, so you starve. It is hard to imagine what has happened here, but it must have been a horrible sight.
The valley is beautiful, but also there is a lot of sad history swirling in the air.

A little stone cross is placed as a memento for those who lost their lives here and elsewhere in the world. The text from Gandhi says it all:

"How can men feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings".

After we left the valley the sun came out and we drove home through Maam Valley.

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